World War Two: “When the nation prayed”

Last issue we included two free leaflets inside HEART OF SUSSEX, sponsored by Tremore Christian Fellowship in Cornwall and World Trumpet Mission.  The World War Two leaflet brought back memories for some readers, who took the trouble to contact us and suggest they should be sent to the Queen and Archbishop of Canterbury.  If you would like more copies of the World War Two leaflet, please contact the office.


THANK YOU FOR HEART OF SUSSEX, which I get from church or the community centre.

I was really pleased to see the Second World War leaflet – I was a child then and am now 82 and a half!  I think the leaflet should be widely distributed so that young people can learn what happened.  They learn about the mechanics of the war, but not the spiritual side.  It would help them realise that they should value their freedom.

Mrs Brown

Durrington (by phone)


WHEN THE EVACUATION OF TROOPS FROM DUNKIRK happened, not only was the sea unusually calm, but there was also a sea fret over the water which hid the escaping men from any air interference.

Then when the waves of hundreds of bombers came against London, it was possible to see them in their squadrons of 12 against a clear blue sky. There was no cloud to hide them from our Spitfires and Hurricanes.

We lived about a mile from the Dover to London railway line and I can remember a train going up every four minutes. Our household used to take whatever could be found in the way of nourishment to the men on the trains. We were very short of food so the supply of anything must have been a bit miraculous. One soldier hung his soaking trousers out of the window to dry. They blew away! I don’t know how that was solved. Nor do I know where they got so much rolling stock from at short notice. Can anyone explain that?

Frances Berrill


New Creation group for Sussex

CREATION-BASED SCIENCE has answers to problems that baffle secular scientists!  I became even more convinced of this after hearing two interesting talks about the Ice Age recently.

Mike Oard from Creation Ministries showed how secular science cannot explain what trigger caused the Ice Age.  There are various inexplicable anomalies in findings which leave the orthodox scientific community perplexed.

He pointed out that the Ice Age is THE major geological event in world history, and went on to show how easy it is to reconcile all these baffling details once you accept the biblical record of the world-wide flood.

In a nutshell: sub-oceanic volcanic activity caused localised warming of the seas.  This resulted in large volumes of water vapour. Simultaneously ash particles in the upper atmosphere reduced sun-ray penetration.

The end result was extraordinarily heavy snow falls on high ground, and an overall long-term cooling of the earth.  Creation-based science has answers to problems that baffle secular scientists!

If you are interested in such things, has a wealth of articles.  If you might be interested in getting involved with a Sussex-based support group for Creation Ministries, please contact

or text me: 07932-162457.

Chris McCanna

East Worthing

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