From darkness to light: former holistic therapist Caroline Taylor now brings healing in God’s name

FOLLOWING AN IMMORAL NIGHT CLUB life style failed to fill a gap in the life of Caroline Taylor, 35, a student nurse and support care worker from Brighton. Then one day a friend took her to church where she discovered God’s love was the answer for all her needs. Here is her story as told to Chris Eyte

As a child, God tangibly revealed himself to me. The atmosphere changed as I worshipped him. Jesus was my hero so I was christened and followed my mother’s example in singing hymns. Troubled times followed then which brought me closer to God who comforted me.

Later, when I was older, God asked me to choose his way or mine. I chose mine, expecting freedom, but finding despair. My sin allowed me to indulge in selfish desires and idolatry. Darkness entered my life. I didn’t understand why our world seemed to be in such chaos. No amount of searching, clubbing, experimenting or even becoming a holistic therapist satisfied me.

God showed me signs of his inescapable love throughout this time. Revelation then came! I begged his forgiveness and hungered for his righteousness. A Sunday School friend brought me to a church in Brighton where I learned about the conviction of sin and God’s redeeming power: Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. No one gets to the Father except through Jesus. I was baptised in the Holy Spirit and feasted on his words, as written in the Bible.

God has radically revolutionised my life. Jesus inspires me and equips me to do ministry these days through the power of the Holy Spirit in three areas: evangelism, healing and justice.

I am involved with ‘Prayer Chair’ which is a non-denominational idea, praying for people on the streets of Brighton. We have seen people saved and healed by God’s grace. ‘Healing Rooms’, another initiative, also allows for deeper spiritual counselling and prayer. I am also part of ‘Soul by the Sea’ which is an evangelistic drama, ‘40 days for life’ and ‘Abort 67’ which advocates justice for unborn children, educating the public about the realities of abortion.