A young woman describes her post-injection paralysis in the documentary ‘Anecdotals’ (CREDIT: Screenshot form YouTube)

In a video circulated by US physician Dr Joseph Mercola called ‘Anecdotals’, sufferers of adverse reactions to the Covid-19 shots give their testimonies of how they have struggled to gain proper medical help and credibility.

It also reveals that over two million adverse effects were reported on the WHO’s VigiAccess database between 2020 and 2021. As of January 2023 the total number has more than doubled.

Some of the side effects reported are cardiac disorders, musculoskeletal disorders and blood disorders.


The lead author of peer reviewed research re-analysing Pfizer and Moderna’s trials of the mRNA injections has called for them to be halted.

Dr Joseph Fraiman, a Louisiana emergency physician and clinical scientist, said the jabs increased serious adverse events at a rate of 1 in 800. He also said: “Now we have multiple autopsy studies that find essentially conclusive evidence that the vaccines are inducing sudden cardiac deaths”.

He noted that “Nations with higher messenger RNA vaccine uptake have correlations with higher rates of excess mortality… researchers analysing this data were unable to identify any other reasonable cause of the excess death [rate] other than the vaccines given.”

DELVING DEEPER: the hidden technocrats behind mask mandates

A secretive group of technocrats was “primarily culpable” for the Government’s U-turn on mask mandates, a retired NHS consultant has revealed.

Dr Gary Sidley, a former clinical psychologist, discovered that a group of scientists called DELVE (Data Evaluation and Learning for Viral Epidemics) submitted a report to SAGE on 21 April 2020, “citing… highly selective laboratory and observational studies” and “wild overestimates of the degree of asymptomatic transmission”.

On 4 March 2020, Prof Chris Whitty had discouraged the use of masks among the healthy, but following DELVE’s intervention the Government began mandating masks for the general public on 15 June.

According to Dr Sidley, many individuals in DELVE “have close affiliations… with other pro-restriction and highly-conflicted organisations” – including Imperial College London, the university of much criticised modeller Professor Neil Ferguson. He described the three key scientists behind the mask mandates as, respectively, “a media darling of the lockdown-and-jab-them approach to pandemic management, a fervent advocate of transhumanism, and an American ‘nudger’”.

DELVE is an initiative of the pro-mask Royal Society.

(Sources: Royal Society, Daily Sceptic)


After Andrew Bridgen MP led a Commons debate outlining the dangers of the Covid-19 vaccination programme, a flurry of ‘fact check’ websites were quick to show how flawed his statements were.

But fact checking sites can themselves be in error, with bias dependent on who is funding them. Both Reuters Fact Check and FactCheck.org are funded wholly or partially by Facebook.

According to UK-based Health Advisory and Recovery Team, Full Fact’s analysis of Bridgen’s recent statements was grossly deficient. The report is at hartgroup.org.

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