Jonathan Weissman delves into the murky science behind the Covid virus and vaccines

For well over a year now, I’ve been speaking out to warn the UK Church and beyond about the risks and harms of the novel Covid-19 experimental vaccines.

Cybersecurity professional Jonathan Weissman
Cybersecurity professional Jonathan Weissman sharing his findings on Covid vaccines at a conference in September

This September, I had the privilege of speaking at a special Lord’s Work Trust conference in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The other speakers were Luke Barker (LWT), medical consultant Dr Mark Bell and Reverend Paul Dowling, who covered biblically-based ethics and theology in the face of the pandemic.

I delivered a presentation conveying the kind of data and studies our Government should have required before everyone was asked (or coerced) to roll up their sleeve for an injection. With fully informed consent, I cannot imagine most people would be so willing to volunteer all over again.

Smoke and mirrors on viral origins

Given the enormity of the events of the last few years, a critical question to ask is: where did the virus behind this Covid-19 disease come from? Once dismissed as a conspiracy theory, the prospect that SARS-CoV-2 emerged in 2019 from the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) has gained increasing support.1

At the same time, not a shred of evidence has been found to confirm that SARS-CoV-2 crossed over from animals to humans. Not even one confirmed instance of an animal being infected with SARS-CoV-2 existed prior to the first officially documented human cases. What’s more, the virus bears a fingerprint in its genome that points towards deliberate human manipulation.

The clue that the virus is man-made is an inexplicable little genetic insert bridging the two halves of the virus’s spike protein. This genetic insert is called a ‘cleavage site’; it must be broken for the virus to efficiently infect human lung cells. Crucially, the cleavage site is missing in all the bat coronaviruses thought to be the ancestor of SARS-CoV-2.2

So where did it come from? Funnily enough, in the years prior to the pandemic, tens of millions of dollars of US federal taxes were funnelled through US federal agencies to EcoHealth Alliance3, an NGO ostensibly claiming to prevent pandemics, which has historically enjoyed a close partnership with the WIV.

The data our Government should have required before everyone was asked (or coerced) to roll up their sleeve for an injection

In 2018 EcoHealth Alliance’s president, Peter Daszak, applied for funding from DARPA, the US Department of Defense’s futuristic research department, to deliberately introduce “human-specific cleavage sites” into bat coronaviruses. The proposal even included plans to experiment with MERS, a coronavirus with a mortality rate of up to 35% of confirmed cases.4

Absurdly, Peter Daszak later joined The Lancet’s investigation into the virus’s origin, which initially folded due to his conflicts of interest.5

Obviously, the so-called ‘lab leak’ theory of the virus’s origin can no longer be dismissed as conspiratorial. For years, US experts like Ralph Baric have conducted or overseen gain-of-function virology research (where viruses are deliberately enhanced to become more infectious or deadly) to create chimeric viruses from different coronavirus strains, despite the White House explicitly outlawing much of this research6. Its risks are self-evident, but it is worth remembering that much of virology research is also deeply unethical, frequently involving cultivating viruses in human foetal cell lines, genetically modifying animals and deliberately sacrificing those same animals.

Disturbing vaccine science

Let’s move now from the disturbing origins of Covid-19 to the even more disturbing development of the Covid vaccines.

Conventional drugs and vaccines are centred around active pharmaceutical ingredients intended to exert some kind of therapeutic effect. However, the mRNA Covid-19 vaccines are far from conventional, as the recipient’s own cells must first translate the mRNA into spike protein molecules in order to trigger an immune response. Because of this mechanism, mRNA ‘vaccines’ are better described as ‘prodrugs’.

While the active ingredients of a traditional vaccine can be thoroughly characterised through intensive testing, this is simply not possible with a prodrug. We do not know the exact proteins synthesised in the body by the mRNA translation process.

What we do know is that the pharmaceutical companies deliberately modified the mRNA in the Covid-19 vaccines, to stabilise it and increase its productivity. One of these modification techniques involved deliberately mutating the mRNA genetic code, a practice assumed to be ‘silent’ (risk-free) until recently.7

We now know that this technique alters the way that mRNA molecules and their synthesised protein molecules take shape and become functional (a process known as ‘folding’)8. Messing around with this process is dangerous: misshapen protein molecules have long been suspected as being a key driver of neurodegenerative disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Of course, all this begs the question why technology with so many unknowns and potential dangers has been installed in the name of public health. The Government hasn’t ceased to tell us the dangers of Covid-19 disease, so why are they so hesitant to relate vaccine adverse reactions to the plausible causative agent, the mRNA-induced spike protein?

Genetic concerns

Another study found that, within six hours, Pfizer’s mRNA converted back to DNA12, a process termed ‘reverse transcription’. The results suggest spike protein genes may become integrated into the chromosome of any cell that takes up the vaccinal mRNA.

While many scientists stress that vaccinal mRNA rapidly degrades following injection, those cells that have been permanently genetically altered in this way may manufacture the spike protein indefinitely. Such changes may even be passed on to daughter cells, further amplifying the effect. The mRNA modification ‘hacks’ described above are also likely to increase the risk of this phenomenon occurring13.

Despite all of these concerns, Melissa J Moore, Chief Scientific Officer of Moderna, boasted in an April 2022 TED talk that their synthetic mRNA was designed in “one hour”14. Is it morally responsible to brag about speedy science, without in any way accounting for how this science may inflict harm?

Foetal cell lines minefield

A further problem surrounds the manufacture and testing of the Covid-19 vaccines using the immortalized HEK-293 cell line17, the ultimate product of a series of experiments on aborted human babies. While the ethics of this issue have been downplayed by many Christians, there is also an important scientific dimension.

A peer-reviewed German study found the AstraZeneca vaccine is massively contaminated with more than 1,000 human proteins synthesized from the HEK-293 cell line18. Such impurities are present at levels hundreds of times higher than permitted by the European Medicines Regulator or claimed by AstraZeneca. They pose serious safety risks, as these proteins may stimulate a strong immune response19.

Acknowledging vaccine harms

The prevailing medical narrative still argues that adverse reactions to the Covid jabs are rare and that the ‘vaccines’ are “safe and effective”. But their speed-of-light development means that we are without any long-term safety data.

According to Dr Eric Rubin, voting member of FDA vaccine advisory committee on approving Pfizer’s product for children aged 5-11, “We’re never going to learn about how safe this vaccine is unless we start giving it. That’s just the way it goes15.”

As successive vaccine doses have been rolled out, a number of safety signals have become apparent (for those willing to see them!). For example, a recent Thai study on 301 adolescents receiving two Pfizer doses recorded nearly a third (29%) of the total cohort exhibiting some kind of cardiovascular reaction, such as a fast heart rate or other abnormal cardiac rhythm. The cohort included seven boys who subsequently developed myocarditis or pericarditis, and featured two hospitalisations, including one ICU admission16.

The future: fear or faith?

For almost three years now, the world’s attention has been fixated on Covid-19. The many moral claims about how we ought to respond to it have been based, all too often, on the flimsiest of real evidence mingled with a whole lot of propaganda. ‘The science’ has been presented as a settled matter, when really it has been fraught with controversy, disturbing ethical concerns and political motivations from the beginning.

What is more, all this was used to justify the temporary rollout of vaccine passports: an attempt to fundamentally reshape our world, subordinating our bodily autonomy and freedom to the whims of government.

In the present lull, it is more critical than ever that we do not grow complacent. Viral evolution could yet spell disaster if vaccinal antibodies increase susceptibility to infection from new variants, a risk known as ‘antibody dependent enhancement’.

If we yet face a vaccine-induced humanitarian crisis, will we answer in faith or in fear this time? Will we turn to God alone or back to the Government? And if the mark of the beast emerges in the near future, is the Church ready to reject it and to proclaim the Gospel instead, regardless of the cost?

Jonathan Weissman is a cybersecurity professional and part-time independent researcher in biosecurity, operational research and theology. He hosts interviews, podcasts, speeches, reports, articles, posters and fully referenced conference presentations on #AllTheRisks of the experimental COVID-19 vaccines at

The images used in this article are from Jonathan Weissman’s most recent conference presentation

Genetically modified mRNA: a Pandora’s box

Scientists thought that genetically modifying the mRNA in the Covid vaccines would be a safe way to make the vaccines effective. Instead, the mRNA may trigger the formation of misshapen proteins in the bodies of vaccine recipients – with a host of health complications.

One special type of misshapen protein called an‘amyloid’forms aggregate deposits in tissues and organs. A shocking study from Linköping University, Sweden, found the mRNA-induced spike protein is unmistakably an amyloid9.

They observed that the spike protein forms “scary fibrils10” which were able to disturb the usual blood clotting process, causing fibrous clots that resisted breakdown via blood plasma protein in the normal way.

Could this mechanism explain some of the fatal thrombotic adverse reactions to the Covid jabs?

Another misfolded protein called a ‘prion’ is capable of causing other proteins around it to also misfold, in a cascade effect. Prions can be toxic to the brain, killing neurons (nerve cells), leading to devastating and irreversible brain damage.

The mRNA-induced spike protein has already been shown to contain a prion-like domain, according to a peer-reviewed computational study11. Prions can be toxic to the brain, killing neurons (nerve cells), leading to devastating and irreversible brain damage.


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