WHO do they think they are?

The organisation which advocates grooming toddlers wants to take control of global health

By HEART staffWarning

Just one man would have the power to over-ride governments and declare a global health emergency if the World Health Organisation’s latest proposals are passed at a meeting taking place from 21-30 May as we went to press.

Campaigners say the proposed Pandemic Treaty would give this UN agency unprecedented power to override national laws and individual rights during “health emergencies”.

Under common law and Magna Carta Parliament does not have the authority to give British sovereignty to an alien entity

Third InternationalCovid Summit in the European Parliament
MEPs, doctors and scientists took part in the Third International Covid Summit in the European Parliament in May 2023. Dr Robert Malone and Dr Byram Bridle were among the dissenting scientists who addressed the conference, thanking the MEPs as they had previously been condemned for warning about the Covid jabs (Credit: Screenshot)

The WHO’s Director General could declare a pandemic, enforce lockdowns and make richer countries pay for abortions, sterilisation and vaccinations in less ‘developed’ nations.

Each nation would have to appoint a ‘National Competent Authority’ to carry out the WHO’s dictates. This entity would be “held accountable” for the “delivery of IHR obligations (International Health Regulations)”. The UK has already set up the Health Security Agency during Covid.

The WHO’s ultimate aim is to adopt the Pandemic Treaty by 2024.

The proposed treaty has been made more draconian, with the latest version making the regulations legally binding for nations. Worryingly, a clause stating that the regulations should be implemented “with full respect of the dignity of human rights and fundamental freedoms of the person” has been removed. This could lead to forced medical treatments such as vaccinations.

Moreover nations would grant the WHO power to develop new, worldwide surveillance and data-sharing mechanisms, and counter “misinformation and disinformation”. Dr Byram Bridle, a Canadian professor pilloried for questioning the Covid vaccine enforcement, has said this would be the death of true science.

It’s not too late to write to your MP

The handful of MPs who have objected to the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty include Danny Kruger, Esther McVey, Sir John Redwood and Andrew Bridgen. If your MP is not one of these, this excerpt from a letter by retired GP Dr Alistair Montgomery printed in Dundee’s Courier might help.

There recently was a debate in the Westminster Parliament on the proposed WHO Pandemic Treaty. I have got the impression that many Honourable Members of Parliament do not realise the full implications of this treaty.

The WHO is an unelected body funded by other unelected bodies with large financial interests (e.g. the industrial pharmaceutical complex or its investors) whose motives are not altruistic and whose interests would conflict with the best interests of sovereign nations and their populations in the pursuit of personal profit.

This proposed treaty would cede national sovereignty to the WHO, who could declare a pandemic arbitrarily and then enforce lockdowns (which are proven NOT to work and are destructive to society), mandate vaccination or other treatments which may be harmful and ineffective (like the recent COVID 19 mRNA gene therapy) or with other detrimental measures.

The past three years have demonstrated that the WHO have woefully failed to act in a responsible manner, and have seriously mishandled the situation and obstructed the delivery of safe, cheap, effective treatments for SARS Cov2 (such as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine) and therefore are responsible for the probable millions of avoidable deaths and human suffering.

I gather under common law and Magna Carta that Parliament does not have the authority to give British sovereignty away from the people of the United Kingdom to an alien entity.

Under common law and Magna Carta Parliament does not have the authority to give British sovereignty to an alien entity

WHO’s guidance sexualises children

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends guidance for schools which encourages toddlers to “gain an awareness of gender identity” and “enjoyment and pleasure when touching one’s own body”.

Its guidance document states: “From birth, babies learn the value and pleasure of bodily contact, warmth and intimacy. Soon after that, they learn what is ‘clean’ and what is ‘dirty’.”

The Daily Telegraph reported that the Shadow Minister for Education in Wales, parents’ organisations, and MPs have expressed outrage. This guidance, first published in 2010, has apparently been rejected by the UK Government who said they do not recognise the WHO guidance or agree with its recommendations.

It has been said that such guidance “sexualises children and pushes them to engage in sexual discussions.”

However, a WHO spokesman told The Telegraph that the organisation “stands by its guidance.”

The WHO’s guidance was cited in a 2017 report commissioned by Welsh ministers and there is a fear it has in formed RSE in schools.


Britons only had until 7 June to respond to a Bank of England consultation on the introduction of a digital pound. Using a CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) means that all purchases are tracked, leading, it is feared, to a Chinese-style social credit system where citizens with a high score are rewarded with benefits and freedoms.


Was Tucker Carlson fired naturally or supernaturally?

Tucker Carlson
Tucker Carlson, hands up (Credit: https://www.youtube.com)

Fox News host Tucker Carlson was sacked in April after delivering a keynote speech on good and evil at the Heritage Foundation’s 50th anniversary.

Despite being the channel’s most popular host, Carlson was found to have become too controversial after speaking out on LGBTQ tolerance and abortion as child sacrifice.

The Independent also reported that Fox News owner, Rupert Murdoch, was “weirded out” by the religious and spiritual nature of Carlson’s speech.

Meanwhile, the prophetic Bible teacher Jonathan Cahn believes that Carlson was fired because the key points in the speech exposed the outworking of centuries-old demonic spirits in today’s culture.

Carlson also said that he faced no consequences for saying what he thought but was fired four days later without a clear reason by Fox News.

Watch his speech here

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