The plan to sue governments over their handling of Covid-19

The lawyer who defeated Volkswagen and Deutsche Bank is squaring up to the governments that forced millions out of work in the name of public health.

Dr Reiner Fuellmich
Dr Reiner Fuellmich presents his case by video to the public

German-American lawyer Dr Reiner Fuellmich plans to bring the “largest Nuremberg-style civil case in history” for damages caused by national lockdowns.

Calling what has happened “crimes against humanity”, his team has been gathering evidence since July 2020, interviewing doctors and whistleblowers across the US and Europe.

Thousands of lawyers worldwide are said to be behind Dr Fuellmich, who is bringing a class action lawsuit against “those responsible for the Covid-19 scandal manipulated by the Davos Forum.”

Here is the summarised translation of the most recent video by Dr Fuellmich on 15 February:

“The hearings of around 100 internationally renowned scientists, doctors, economists and lawyers, which have been conducted by the Berlin Commission of Inquiry into the Covid-19 affair since 10 July 2020, have shown with a probability close to certainty that the Covid-19 scandal was at no time a health issue. Rather, it was about solidifying the illegitimate power (illegitimate because it was obtained by criminal methods) of the corrupt “Davos clique” by transferring the wealth of the people to the members of the Davos clique, destroying, among other things, small and medium-sized enterprises in particular. Platforms such as Amazon, Google, Uber, etc, could thus appropriate their market share and wealth.”

Medical evidence to be brought to court includes the misuse of the PCR tests, which are too sensitive for Covid testing, giving false positives and leading to the healthy having to self-isolate.

However, the German government listened only to one doctor, Prof Drosten, rather than others such as Prof Sucharit Bhakdi, who wrote an open letter to Chancellor Merkel, deploring the lockdowns.

Effective medicines such as Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin were ridiculed or suppressed and not administered early in favour of lucrative vaccines.

His team is also working to create potential regional currencies as the Covid Committee of Berlin anticipates a world stockmarket crash and also to secure the food supply, as Klaus Schwab’s planning for the World Economic Forum predicts a break in the food chain from the end of the second half of 2021.

Dr Fuellmich’s case can be heard at