BRITAIN’S MOST FAMOUS SCIENTIST, Professor Stephen Hawking, has changed his mind and now supports assisted suicide.

The wheelchair-bound motor neurone sufferer, who speaks with the aid of a mechanical voicebox, had previously argued that “there is always hope”.  But in an interview with the BBC, Prof Hawking expressed his support for assisted suicide, saying: “We don’t let animals suffer, so why humans?”

Dr Peter Saunders, head of pro-life group Care Not Killing, says it’s ironic since Prof Hawking himself is living proof that doctors can be very wrong about prognoses.

Prof Hawking, 71, was diagnosed with motor neurone disease when he was 21 and told he had just two or three years to live.

In 1985 he was put on a life support machine following a bout of pneumonia but his first wife, Jane Hawking, chose to fly him back to Cambridge from Geneva rather than switch off his life support.

He went on to recover from pneumonia and complete his bestseller, A Brief History of Time, which sold more than 10 million copies worldwide.


Source – The Christian Institute

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