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HEART Christian newspaper | 22 October 2020

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Experts warn MPs of assisted suicide dangersExperts warn MPs of assisted suicide dangers

2 October 2020 |

Legalised euthanasia is “default way to die” in Holland

By Andrew Halloway

The All-Party Parliamentary Pro-Life Group hosted a webinar on the dire consequences of legalising assisted suicide on World Suicide Prevention Day (10 September).

MPs and peers from across … Read More

Netflix series implicated in suicides

23 May 2019 |

Teen TV series ‘13 Reasons Why’ is accused of encouraging suicides

Youth suicides rose dramatically after the release of Netflix TV series ‘13 Reasons Why’, according to the US National Institutes of Health (NIH)

The Christian Post reports that the … Read More

Court upholds assisted suicide ban

26 July 2018 |

The Court of Appeal has ruled that the UK’s ban on assisted suicide does not contravene human rights legislation.

Read More

Care home fined for saving a resident’s life

27 July 2016 |

Belgium’s liberal euthanasia laws are in a fatal conflict with the beliefs of Catholic care homes (photo credit: Action Life)

A Catholic care home in Belgium has been prosecuted for preventing a patient from being euthanised by doctors.

The St Augustine Rest Home in Diest refused to allow doctors to give cancer sufferer Mariette Buntjens a lethal injection. Read More


23 March 2016 |

A Swiss suicide facility has come under fire for telling patients to hide their intentions from their GP.

Literature given out by Eternal Spirit, seen by the Daily Express, warns people to be “very careful” about the extent to which they involve their doctor and carers when making plans to travel there.

The discovery was met with disbelief by the Campaign Director of Care Not Killing, Dr Peter Saunders. Read More

Christian Concern: Fighting for freedom to live out the Gospel

30 November 2015 |

banner wide 72rgb

2015 was another challenging year in our post-Christian nation. Two leading campaigning groups present their reviews of 2015  – and predict what may lie ahead of us…

Image: The famous giant judge effigy gained global attention at Christian Concern’s rally against Assisted Dying in September

It’s been a big year for us at Christian Concern, as we continued to speak boldly of Jesus Christ, the hope of the nation, in the public square. Read More

Dying bill for the fearful strong

2 February 2015 |

Baroness Campbell of Surbiton believes the proposed bill does not represent the views of most people with disabilities (photo: Diocese of Shrewsbury)

THE STRONG FEAR BECOMING THE WEAK – so they are behind the push to allow terminally ill people to commit suicide with assistance. This is a law for the strong at the expense of the weak, according to Baroness Campbell, opposing the Assisted Dying bill in the House of Lords. Read More

Lords call for judicial oversight in assisted dying

28 November 2014 |

THE HOUSE OF LORDS has called for judicial oversight for all applications for assisted deaths as an amendment to the Assisted Dying Bill. Read More

“Duty to die” fears over assisted suicide bill

5 December 2013 |

A Scottish bid to legalise assisted suicide is “unnecessary, unethical and dangerous”, and could lead the vulnerable to feel they have a “duty to die”, campaigners say. Read More

Stephen Hawking backtracks to support assisted suicide

23 October 2013 |

BRITAIN’S MOST FAMOUS SCIENTIST, Professor Stephen Hawking, has changed his mind and now supports assisted suicide. Read More

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