Only God knew that the nation would be overshadowed by the Queen’s death on 8 September 2022. And it is surely no coincidence that 8 September 1940 was a national day of prayer called by her father, King George VI.

Ruth Ward
Worship leader Ruth Ward at the House
of Prayer, Bexhill

This year when a small group of ministers came together to plan another national day of prayer, Rev Lynda Rose of Voice for Justice UK (VfJUK) had 8 September on her mind, yet the day was not going to work out, so it was postponed to 16 September 2022.

Ellen Eldridge, Katie Harrison and Susie Molina leading the second session from 4-5pm
Ellen Eldridge, Katie Harrison and Susie
Molina leading the second session from

Lynda Rose heard of people meeting around the nation, as well as joining her Zoom if they could not meet in a home, while Christian police serving in London’s Met held their own prayer meeting online.

Readers in Plymouth and Liverpool reported that, thanks to HEART’s coverage, they were able to hold their own day of prayer locally, which was the organisers’ intention. At Bethel House of God in Liverpool, Pastor Graham Jones held an evening meeting on 16 September. “It was rather short notice, but we had 12 there,” reported Steve Walmsley, one of the church’s leaders. In Plymouth HEART’s local church distributor, Ben Kay, summoned people to prayer in addition to regular Saturday prayer days he is already involved in.

Alan Masters
Alan Masters leading the fifth
session from 7-8pm

In Sussex there were three venues that readers told us of in advance: in Walberton, hosted by The King’s Church, Arundel, which prayed in particular over abortion and the political situation, plus a meeting hosted by a Hove church and a day in Bexhill’s House of Prayer East Sussex (HOPES). Katie Harrison, a HOPES trustee, told us: “It was a privilege for us to be a little part of the special day for the Lord
and this nation. These are such significant days!

Ruth Ward and Lottie Maxwell leading the fourth prayer session from 6-7pm
Ruth Ward and Lottie Maxwell leading
the fourth prayer session from 6-7pm

“It was wonderful to have so many Christians of all ages and backgrounds gather for the VfJUK Day of Prayer. The day included six continuous hours of worship, with worship leaders from different churches leading each slot.

“Prayers and petitions for our land were put before the Lord, and a key theme that was repeated came from Ezekiel 37: “Can these bones live?” We believe the answer is ‘Yes’ and so it was proclaimed, ‘Dry bones, hear the Word of the Lord!’

“We experienced Jesus’ beautiful presence and it was so touching to hear three ladies spontaneously sing ‘Jesus come and fill your lambs’ in Chinese before prayer for China went up, too. The day went all too fast and we hope it won’t be too long before another day of united prayer for the nation is called!”


Pauline Latter has started publishing poetry about some of life’s quirky, everyday situations. She told HEART how Christian poetry had brought her through devastating trials to God’s very presence

Pauline Latter
Pauline Latter,
publishing poetry
at 77

I was brought up in a Christian home so I always thought I was a Christian. However, having two sons born with haemophilia, then a divorce, plunged me into a world of turmoil and fear. All I clung to were a few poems written by Patience Strong – God used her poetry to comfort me, until one night I had an experience of God that changed me forever. I knew I was in his presence and saw myself as he saw me.

Suddenly all that I had been taught about Jesus dying for ME became wonderfully clear and I knew without a doubt that God was real and I was loved beyond measure. Knowing I could put ever ything into his hands was so liberating and comforting and this wonderful feeling of love, joy and peace has never left me, but gets stronger all the time.

This wonderful feeling of love, joy and peace has never left me

My sons are now in their 50s and life is a lot calmer for me, but even at 77 I don’t think God has finished with me yet – hence the books.

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