We call the articles below ‘prophetic messages’, because, as the Bible says, “We see through a glass darkly” and divine concepts do not always translate easily into earthly language.

All such messages should be ‘weighed’ against the Bible’s accounts of God’s dealings with his people (as seen in the books of Kings, Chronicles and the prophets) and particularly against the scriptural prophecies about the ‘end times’ (Zechariah, Joel, Daniel, Jesus’ ‘Olivet Discourse’ in Matthew 24:1 – 25:46, Mark 13:1-37 and Luke 21:5-36, Thessalonians, Revelation).

Moreover, God’s warnings in the Bible are often conditional, which will come to pass if there is no heartfelt turning from sin – “repentance”. The Bible teacher Derek Prince described how Christians have altered the course of history and governments in his book, ‘Shaping History Through Prayer and Fasting’. We offer this selection of recent messages for the reader’s discernment. Please respond by writing to letters@heartpublications.co.uk, with your name, town and county.


The following prophetic message (abbreviated for space) was given by respected Bible teacher David Noakes on 16 August 2022, during the South West Bible Week held in Devon

“Beloved, we stand at the brink of something big and new, not new to me, but it will be new to you. I have in store for those who truly love me such things as you have not yet experienced. I have an outpouring of my Spirit which I have longed to impart…

“There will be such division that men will either love me or they will hate me with a satanic hatred”

“But now I am separating out for myself a people who love me for myself. I have watched for many years for such a people, and on those of you whose hearts are truly towards me I will send my Spirit in a new way.

Fullness of my Spirit

David Noakes
David Noakes at the South West Bible Week, Bicton, in 2018

“You will know the fullness of my Spirit… you will know my power… my love… my grace… my faithfulness, and you will see me answer prayer… You will see the lame walk, you will see the sick raised from their bed and you will see the dead raised in these days to come, because I have been longing with all my heart to have a people whom I can trust to give the glory unto me and not take it unto themselves.

“Beloved, I have preserved for myself a remnant for these last days and my heart is overflowing with joy and I long, I long to speak to the world through a people who want only me…

Harvest and division

“I am not a merciless God who will make judgements without extending mercy… to those who will turn and repent. And there shall be a greater harvest than you have dared hope… And yet, beloved, I call upon you to stand strong because… the days will be difficult… There will be such division that men will either love me or they will hate me with a satanic hatred, and there will be very little in between.

“Do not fear those who will persecute you, but fear only me”


“Do not fear those who will persecute you, but fear only me. For beloved, I have all things in my hand. Do not think for one moment… anything in the world around you is out of control. It is not. For I am the King… I am sovereign. I have in my hand all that you need and I will never let you down. I will never forsake you…

“In your darkest moments I will shine in with my light, and you will know in a new way the greatness of your God. Therefore be… greatly encouraged, because I am intending to do things which you… thought you would never see. I am with you. My beloved, that is all you need…

“As the fury of the enemy rages, so my love will become even more apparent”

“Christ in you is indeed the hope,…the guarantee of glor y. And you will shine like lights in the darkness. As the darkness of these last days increases, as the fur y of the enemy rages, so my love will become even more apparent.


“The world will… know those who belong to me and many will turn…to me, and there shall be a harvest for which I have longed… You have thought perhaps it would never come.

“Beloved, there may be some of you who do not see it… because you are already seeing my face in glory. But many will see it… Your rejoicing will…carry you through ever y test… because my joy will fill you, my love will surround you and I will work in you such trust that you need never ever have any doubt that your God is with you.

“Beloved, be encouraged with these words. Take them to heart and be expectant that I will bring to pass all that I have intended.”


Pastor Chris Wickland of Living Word Church Network, Hampshire, has received several prophetic messages in recent months. The following is a paraphrased summary from a sermon preached on 31 August, in which he shared these messages

God showed me a vision of a giant clock. I felt the Spirit say that on midnight of the first day of autumn, the clock will change into the next hour.

Parliament as we know it will collapse on itself

First comes the wind of holiness, then the wind of power. Sin is a problem to a holy God, but most churches won’t mention sin because it’s not politically correct.

A long time ago, God told me that he is going to blend the Spirit and the Word, the ancient and the modern. I believe that Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox will stand in solidarity and love for one another. A unison of the Spirit is coming that will surpass any natural knowledge.

A new parliament

Great Britain is going to look very different. The politics of Conservative, Labour and Liberal will soon be meaningless. The Spirit of God is tired of the heinous laws that have been passed, taking away the innocence of our children in schools, and pushing things too far with technology. This will not be permitted to go where some think it will go.

This government as it stands will not last. Parliament as we know it will collapse on itself, but from the chaos will come a new parliament, based on the rule of law. It will not necessarily be a Christian government, but there will be many righteous people in it, people of principle who put the needs of the country first, instead of their own career.

You have 20 years

But this is only for a season. This is the message that God wants to tell his Church: “You have 20 years.” We will hit the golden age of the Church, where churches will literally meet in football stadiums because there will be no money to play football any more. The Church will turn these cultural icons into something that glorifies God instead of man. The landscape of Britain will change.

Two thirds of the Church will cease to exist

To Church leaders, God would say, “The growth is going to be beyond anything you’ve ever experienced.”

Because two-thirds of the UK Church will soon cease to exist, the greater pressure is upon that remaining one third to cope with the growth.

The early Church started as a nice, cosy prayer meeting of 120 people. Then suddenly the Holy Spirit broke out and they grew from 120 to 3,000 people, and then a few weeks later, 5,000 more people got saved (not including women and children). There were 12 leaders in a church of many thousands. God is looking for leaders with gumption, who are not lukewarm but who will pray and seek his face.

Do not be afraid

Chris Wickland
Chris Wickland leading worship with his wife Tracey

Once God showed me a dream of a huge [sea monster]. It looked so disgusting that I felt violently ill. It had eight tentacles and was symbolic of a perfect storm. The Spirit of God asked, “Why are you afraid of that?”

“Can’t you see what it’s doing?” I replied. “It’s ripping our nation apart, literally killing people!”

And God repeated, “Why are you afraid of it?”

It’s a commandment, not an optional extra: “Do not be afraid.” There will be much sadness as we see many large churches disappear over the next couple of years, but God wants us to be brave.

House churches

God’s bride does not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against powers in heavenly places. Our job is to take God’s Kingdom to the world, not with apologetics or the cleverness of man, but with power.

We will see a revival and a resurgence of evangelists again, with tent crusades spreading across the whole of the UK like they did back in the 1940s to 1960s.

As many churches disappear, you will see a resurgence of house churches. But underground churches can only last for a little while until they are noticed and come back above ground. House churches will have to become bigger, ‘regular’ churches with leadership to help them function.

New leaders

There is a financial famine and a spiritual famine. God will raise up ‘Josephs’ to help lead the Church through the most difficult moment in modern times. We will see batons passed from leaders of old to new leaders, who will say to throw away ‘the old wineskin’ and prepare for a fresh move of God’s Holy Spirit.

Most churches won’t mention sin because it’s not politically correct

Unless this land is shaken to its core and its people humbled, they will never turn to the living God. When you see war break out further in Europe, and stock markets start to tremble and fall, do not be dismayed. The Lord would say to you, “Hold up your head high because you now know that unless this happens God’s revival cannot come to this land.”

Unless this land is shaken to its core, then people will never turn to the living God

I believe the Lord is saying, “Otherwise they would never turn to me and they would never be saved and know the truth, power and glory of my Gospel, the beauty of my Son and the power of the Spirit of God.”

God is looking for a small army, like Gideon’s army. He wants to use the despised and shameful things of this world to shame the wise. He is going to turn a generation of ragtag people into an army like David’s mighty men, people who literally changed history.


This prophecy was given to Paul Slennett of Jesus is Alive! Ministries in 1989, and forms the basis for the book, ‘Earthquake in the City’, which he wrote with Clifford Denton My children, the alarm bells are sounding all over Europe, for judgement is being spoken out over the nations.

Over your nation, Great Britain, a mighty earthquake is about to occur, an earthquake that will swallow up the whole City. Whole companies and city institutions will collapse in this earthquake, some never to rise again.

My judgement that has been withheld for so long must now be unleashed on your nation in order that my Church repent and lead this nation in repentance, for I am a righteous and holy God, just in all my ways, a God who longs to show mercy, but one who will no longer tolerate the unrighteousness of my dear Church.

“Whole companies and city institutions will collapse in this earthquake, some never to rise again”

It is out of love that I visit this nation with judgement – you must know that this must always be the case. My children, repent now before it is too late, for already the day of my return draws near and you must not be found wanting, like the virgins who did not fill their lamps with oil; but awake, my children, and be my watchmen, and speak with a prophetic voice of the judgement that is about to come upon the nations.

If you repent and turn from your wicked ways, I will visit your nation, Great Britain, once again, not with judgement, but with revival power, and I will protect you from all the strategy of the enemy.

In regard to Europe, come out of her, my dear children, for she will align herself with the Beast and the False Prophet who will arise and appear for just a short while. My children, take heart, for I am with you always. Do not give up, but pray without ceasing and see the salvation of your God.

“The alarm bells are sounding now”
says Paul Slennett

The alarm bells are sounding now. There has been intense heat in 2021/22 in Europe, plus this year in Europe they have seen the worst drought for 500 years. With the war in Ukraine with Russia, we have seen the price of gas in Europe soar. The euro against the US dollar has collapsed.

A word of caution: there may be other alarm bells to be sounded in Europe, but at some stage God has told me, I believe, that a pre-tremor will occur in this country. This will be a prelude to the ‘earthquake in the City’.

Paul Slennett is proprietor of the Southend Christian Bookshop in Essex. The book ‘Earthquake in the City’ is available to HEART readers at the special price of £5.00 (free p&p). Tel: 01702 344008

For further updates, see: www.earthquakeinthecity.co.uk/news



A group of intercessors, Christian leaders and businesspeople from across England, some with links to Issachar Ministries, met together in central England over three days in May. The following is an abbreviation of a report by Sarah Winbow, outlining what the group felt the Lord was saying

There is a dam of intense evil that is set to break over the nation and the world. The hand of God has been restraining it because we have been in a season of grace in which we have had time to prepare for what lies ahead. But this season is now over; the restraining hand is about to be removed.

Tidal flood

The dam has been seeping ‘water’ over past years and we have witnessed its effects in society. But when it collapses there will be a tidal flood of wickedness, evil, depravity and darkness such as the world has never known since the days of Noah.

It will wash away every last remnant of decency and morality. There will be a descent into physical, emotional, economic, social and spiritual chaos. The effects of this on our way of life, the Church and the Jews will be devastating, yet out of the intense suffering, persecution and martyrdom will come a purified Bride.

Spirit of Babylon

The ‘voice’ of the government, royal family, media, police, education, health service – every pillar of society – is compromised with the spirit of Babylon (Baal), whose power and controlling authority is only set to increase in arrogant ecstatic intensity, not decrease.

The restraining hand is about to be removed

We must engage with God in genuine, humble-hearted identificational repentance and lamentation for our national condition.

This costly repentance, flowing from hearts that are fully set apart to God, is like the repeated water saturating the altar. Only when this repentance has reached its fullness will God send the fire to consume the altar and the offering. The ‘fire’ will be a Pentecostal baptism, a total immersion, in the love of God. This love will be threefold: a deeper burning of desire for God himself – for his Word and his ways; a genuine love for one another; and a passionate consuming love for the lost.

Practical preparations

God is calling us to be holy, pure and set apart to him in EVERY aspect of our daily lives: mind, body and spirit; our families, homes, jobs and finances.

We will not achieve our destiny unless we endeavour to learn what it means to live a life of faith and faithfulness to God now; to trust in his faithful provision; to be secure in his love and be willing to persevere through hardships; to remain, abide or dwell in him daily, moment by moment. If we learn this lesson well NOW, then we will never lack anything in the days ahead.

Every household should start a storehouse of basic foodstuffs

Stored provisionsOn a practical level, every household should start a storehouse of basic foodstuffs and every church should prayerfully determine before God what practical preparations should be made to respond in such a scenario. This is a time for urgent action based on listening to God. Jesus will return for a glorious, victorious and spotless Bride who is head-over-heels in love with her Bridegroom and will do anything to please him.

Sarah Winbow is a Christian author, teacher and intercessor. She is married to Trevor and together they ran a Prayer House in rural Cumbria for 23 years. They currently live in Wiltshire. Sarah Winbow has co-written a booklet with Nick Szkiler, Issachar Ministries’ new Chair of Trustees, called ‘Crossing Over’. It can be ordered from info@issacharministries.co.uk or 0333 090 2187, mobile 07759 042315