Sudan bombs hospital

Mission aid group Doctors without Borders said a staff member and five villagers were injured by an aerial bombing which engulfed a medical facility in the southern Sudanese area of South Kordofana on  July 21.

The hospital building was clearly identified with a flag and cross on its roof and the Government in  Khartoum, blamed for the attack, knew about the location – according to Brian Moller, mission head.

Bombing in the region has recently increased in the war between the Sudanese military and rebels aligned with the mainly Christian SouthSudan.


Tibetan family attacked – daughter’s eye gauged

A REFUGEE COUPLE from TIBET who gave their lives to Jesus and left behind Buddhism were hacked to death – and their 12-year-old daughter had her left eye gauged out by men wearing masks during an  attack inIndia.

The bodies of Dominic Bhutia, aged 45, and his wife Christina, aged 35, were found in their humble home in  the Geetdubling slum of Darjeeling District,West Bengal, on June 18. Daughter Rinjee is in a stable condition  in hospital.

A younger sister, aged four, escaped the violence by fleeing the home during the attack. One person has so far been arrested by police related to the incident.


Kenyan Christians sleep in prison after slaughter

RESIDENTS in a Christian town inland on a Kenyan Muslim coastal strip have been sleeping in prison –  fearing for their lives if they stay at home.

Some 65 people were slaughtered in Mkepetoni in June and the attacks have still been taking place. Victim Kenya Kazungu was found in a pool of blood with a Bible on his back. Primary school pupil Ken Managara,  aged just 12, was another victim.

A witness said the attackers told non-Muslims to leave the area.

“The attackers talked in Somali and Swahili, saying non-Muslims should get out, and if not they should convert to Islam.”


Kidnapped school girls still missing in Nigeria

INTERNATIONAL CELEBRITIES including Michelle Obama were pictured waving signs in social  media ‘selfie’ photos calling for 200 kidnapped Christian girls to be released inNigeria.

However there has been no actual progress in getting the girls freed from the Boko Haram group after the teenagers were taken from theGovernmentSecondary Schoolin Chibok,BornoState, in April.

An unnamed Western diplomat said other girls taken by the militants in recent years were now ‘bush  wives’.

Church leader, Rev Samuel Dali, has visited the grieving parents, and said: “The majority are strong in their  faith and still replying on God, hoping for God to do something since the Government has failed them and nobody is helping them.”

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