Owning Truth is a powerful new mobile app and website which enables anyone to hear the Word of God, personalised to them and their own situation.

Its inventor, Horsham-based web designer David Greaves told HEART: “By hearing the voice of the Lord speaking directly to you by name, you can hear the truth and be set free.”

Users follow a few simple steps:

  1. Enter your name
  2. Choose how you’re feeling and what you’re going through from a list of options
  3. Receive a passage of Scripture which is personalised to you and your current circumstances – for example: “I have loved you, Charles, says the Lord.” (Malachi 1:2)
  4. Listen to God’s Word for you, declare then pray the suggested prayer out loud or simply chew over it quietly.

It’s available free in the Android and Apple stores now or from www.owningtruth.com

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