Has your heart ever burned with the desire to see Jesus transform your community? Through Faith Missions (TFM) works with churches to bring together teams of dedicated volunteer evangelists, bringing the good news of Jesus to people where they live, work and relax.

Read how Lynsey, a TFM team member, came to faith and was led to play her part sharing the Good News. If, like Lynsey, you feel that God may be calling you to short term mission opportunities in the UK, then sign up for our no-obligation Zoom meeting below!

“Lord, you have done so much for me over the years and carried me through so much, but what can I do for you?”


I grew up in a loving Christian home but never really committed to a personal faith. Back in 2005, my Mum wrote my name on a post-it which was prayed over at Spring Harvest for ‘prodigals’ to come home – back to God.

A few months after that I encountered TFM on the street corner in 2005 during ‘Walk South Devon’. As I talked to the two team members, we chatted about God and went through the ‘Knowing God Personally’ booklet.

I prayed the prayer and that night had a thousand questions!

I prayed the prayer at the end and that night had a thousand questions! We arranged to speak again the next day, when we talked about my life and then I went on to do the Alpha course.

I continued to do Alpha, supporting others, as I found it easy to talk to people about God’s love for them. However, I still found myself praying “Lord, you have done so much for me over the years and carried me through so much, but what can I do for you?”

Team members of all ages serving together
Team members of all ages serving together

The training in faith sharing is excellent

In 2021, I found the leaflet and ‘Knowing God Personally’ booklet from 2005 and found TFM were doing a local mission in Torbay. I signed up for the pre-mission training and joined the mission team, feeling a real sense of doing what God wanted me to do. I had an amazing sense of joy when I took part in the mission. What a privilege to be able to share with people as we chatted and prayed together!

After the mission, I was hungry for more of God. I wanted to share more of Jesus’ love and was seeking more of the Holy Spirit. So I went on to do another mission in Torbay, then Basingstoke in 2022, followed by Wolverhampton and Basingstoke again in 2023.

I can honestly say that I’ve loved working alongside every person I’ve encountered in the TFM teams. It has felt like family, with times of being able to bless others but also being blessed too. I have learned so much about evangelism from the wealth of experience within TFM and am so grateful to everyone who prays for TFM and also gives up time to come on missions.

Lynsey with two other team members
Lynsey with two other team members

It has felt like family

It has been a real honour talking to people on the streets and doors about their own beliefs and then witnessing others praying their own prayer of accepting Jesus as their Lord and Saviour … For me there is nothing comparable, it is just such an enormous privilege!

The training in faith sharing is excellent, whether you join a team afterwards or not. But I would encourage anyone to join a mission team. Again, it’s such a privilege and you gain so much from it.

Call or email the office for the meeting link admin@throughfaithmissions.org or call 07434661697


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