“Raac symbolises our society’s crumbling structures”

There is now no doubt that Britain is a nation under God’s judgement, according to leading Bible teachers.

Veteran prophetic Bible teacher Rev Dr Clifford Hill sees the sudden disintegration of Raac (reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete) in our schools and some hospitals as a sign that our national life and institutions are also crumbling spiritually, because they have abandoned their Judeo-Christian foundations.


Writing in this paper, Clifford Hill declares: “God’s cover of protection has been removed from the land”.

Other ministers regularly report that they believe Britain is now being judged by God for rebelling against God’s kindly intentioned laws of respect for life and his created order of marriage which allows a secure basis for family life.

Wake up

One pastor is sending out a warning letter to hundreds of Bible-believing churches, urging them to pray. Pastor John of Strengthen the Faithful is also sending a poster titled ‘National Call to Repentance’ to the churches for their noticeboards. He says: “It’s a vital message and witness for these terrifying times which we can all easily share.”

Strengthen the Faithful, a ministry of ten years’ standing, has already produced a short film on Dunkirk to alert Christians to the miraculous way God saved our nation in 1940 by changing the weather so our army could be evacuated from the French shores, as well as subsequent miraculous deliverances throughout WW2 – after the nation gathered in churches to pray for God’s mercy.

Sudden events

Meanwhile on social media Christians are sharing dreams and visions of sudden events that would “shake everything that can be shaken”, confirming the warnings that Clifford Hill has been giving since 1986 (refers to Haggai 2:7 and Hebrews 12:26-28).

This could be financial collapse in the West, following the natural disasters that the Bible also prophesies, which bring terror to populations. In this paper we include a message from Rev Chris Wickland about the UK property market collapsing in under two years, bringing institutions down. He has also prophesied that economic hardship will usher in “the best of times and the worst of times” when previously agnostic citizens flock to hear the message of a God who saves and heals.

This letter from Pastor John of Strengthen the Faithful has been emailed to hundreds of Bible believing churches this autumn, challenging them to seek God in repentance

Proverbs 14:34 gives us a clear warning: “Righteousness will exalt a nation, but wickedness will destroy a people”.

WhatsApp poster sent by Pastor John's team
Pastor John’s team has sent this poster via WhatsApp to hundreds of people

This principle of Scripture has never been revoked. Almighty God isn’t just the God of love, he is also infinitely holy and always will be. He cannot bless a people or nation which ignores him and rejects his commandments.

This is the position our nation finds itself in today. Many articles have been written providing examples of this rejection.

The rejection of the Christian faith is so widespread that between 1969 and 2005, an average of one church closed down every eight days in the British Isles. This almost nationwide abandonment of faith explains why Britain and Ireland are in such a chaotic mess today. God can’t bless or protect us and according to Scripture the only way he can begin to do so, is in response to genuine, wholehearted repentance on our part and a return to obeying his laws and commandments.

Hope lies in national repentance followed by divine intervention

So here we are today, a nation under judgement, in a world which is becoming increasingly unstable and dangerous.

There is war in Central Europe, Russia is threatening to use tactical nuclear weapons, China is building the equivalent of the Royal Navy every four years with its eye on Taiwan and beyond, Iran is on the cusp of gaining a nuclear capability, the Middle East is a powder keg and the US, once “the policeman f the world”, is in an extraordinary state of societal and political collapse. As a nation we are in a very vulnerable position.

And this national vulnerability has every sign of getting worse, because the international balance of power is rapidly shifting. If China continues to expand its military strength at its present rate while the US becomes more divided and weaker, there is every possibility that in a worldwide conflict, America will be so immersed in fighting China that they won’t be in any position to come to our support should we be attacked. We will be alone again.

But there is hope and that hope lies in national repentance followed by divine intervention.

people queueing to pray for the nation inWestminster Abbey on 26 May, 1940
The well-known photo of people queueing to pray for the nation in
Westminster Abbey on 26 May, 1940

Owing to these serious times, a free film has been specially produced to remind people that in response to the National Day of Prayer at the time of Dunkirk, God delivered our nation from invasion, even though we stood totally alone. The film explains that this miracle of deliverance, shows that when faced with a similar situation in the future, the Lord can indeed deliver us again, but that we must turn to him in wholehearted repentance for this to happen.

The widespread sharing of this film will both inspire and challenge those with faith and those with none. It’s a vital message and witness for these terrifying times which we can all easily share.

Pastor John, an ordained minister, has been running Strengthen the Faithful for the best part of ten years. It is a non-denominational Biblebased organisation wholeheartedly dedicated to supporting the faithful remnant of Christians across both Britain and Ireland, resourcing them with material and information.

Why we’re seeing Raac and Ruin

Now in his 97th year, Clifford Hill believes that God may have preserved him especially to see the things he wrote about 50 years ago coming to pass

By Rev Dr Clifford Hill

Is there any prophetic significance in the sudden appearance of Raac (reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete) that led to the sudden closure of 174 schools by the third week of the autumn term?

Raac has been around for several decades and most people had never heard of it until the schools crisis hit the headlines just before children returned after the summer holidays.

Could it be a symbol of the ‘crumbling structures’ of our society about which we have been warning in the magazine Prophecy Today since the 1980s? Or is it a case of the sins of the fathers being reaped by their children?

The prophet Ezekiel had to face this when the former citizens of Jerusalem, finding themselves captive in Babylon, were complaining that they were suffering from the sins of their fathers. They were quoting a well-known fable: “The fathers have eaten sour grapes and the children’s teeth are set on edge”.

Ezekiel said this was nonsense and they should face up to the truth that they had all been involved in idolatry and many other things that were offensive to God, which caused him to remove his cover of protection from over their city and allow the Babylonians to triumph.

Crumbling structures

There is a big lesson here for us in Britain today. Like the Raac concrete, all our social institutions are beginning to crumble today – the health service is crumbling with massive waiting lists that are getting longer as the disputes with doctors continue and we are heading for winter when the problems will intensify.

Our public services are crumbling, with water companies and electricity and gas controlled by foreign investors who exploit their customers and take the profits out of the country which should be used to improve services.

Our road and rail services are also in disarray, with some parts of the country suffering even more than the rest and rail companies in no hurry to settle with unions as their only interest is in maximising their profit margins. Our Local Authority services are stretched to breaking point as we have seen recently, with the City of Birmingham going bankrupt and being forced to cut services. [See note at end]

The NHS is crumbling with massive waiting lists that are getting longer as the disputes with doctors continue

Our legal services are in disarray, with huge waiting lists for court appearances and overcrowded prisons dangerously full. Youth crime, drugs, suicide and sexually transmitted diseases are all at epidemic rates. Shoplifting costing millions of pounds a year and attacks upon shopworkers are increasing, while mental health problems escalate – especially among children and young people.

Why are the foundations of our civilisation crumbling? The answer is very simple – but most people will not understand – WE ARE A NATION UNDER JUDGEMENT!

Transforming a remnant

I am in the final stages of writing a commentary on the book of Ezekiel, to add to the series I have done on Isaiah and Jeremiah.

Ezekiel’s entire ministry was to the exiles in Babylon; it was he who transformed them from the despairing, defeated remnant described in Psalm 137: “By the rivers of Babylon we sat and wept”, into the wealthy, confident company who returned to rebuild Jerusalem at the end of the exile, where they gave a freewill offering for rebuilding the temple, the equivalent of 500kg of gold and 2½ tons of silver (Ezra 2:69)!

Jeremiah had written them a letter when they first arrived in Babylon telling them to ‘seek the peace and prosperity of Babylon’, because if it prospered, they too would prosper (Jeremiah 29:7).

But they only prospered because Ezekiel succeeded in getting them to recognise that before the exile they had become a nation under judgement! They had to recognise that they and their fathers had been doing everything wrong in the nation – they were greedy, selfish, unjust, self-seeking, exploiting the poor and giving no thought to the teaching of God that they had had for centuries – so God was perfectly justified in not protecting them from their enemies and not prospering them in their daily lives. It was only when the exiles in Babylon recognised their sinfulness and sought the forgiveness of God that he gave them “a new heart and a new spirit” (Ezekiel 36:26).

Foretold of old

Since the 1970s I have been publicly warning that the things we are seeing today in the state of the nation would happen. Nobody likes a big-head who says “I told you so!”

But I am not claiming any personal merit, because what we are seeing today is all in the Bible! Even the global warming, the great storms, floods, earthquakes and wildfires – they’re all in the Bible.

God was perfectly justified in not protecting them from their enemies and not prospering them in their daily lives

I am now in my 97th year and it may be that God has preserved me especially to see the things I wrote about 50 years ago coming to pass.

When I first began speaking of these things, I was shown that all the warnings would be ignored and things would get worse until everything in the nation was crumbling. Then there would come a spirit of despair, which would cause people to cry out to God, like the exiles in Babylon did, from which a small company of the redeemed came back and rebuilt Jerusalem.

In the same way, the faithful remnant of Bible believing Christians will be heard in this nation and God will respond – as he always does when people cry to him in repentance and humility – and like the valley of dry bones in Ezekiel 37, there will be a fresh spiritual awakening.

This article first appeared in the online magazine, Prophecy Today: prophecytoday.uk which is emailed to readers free every week.

Readers’ comments under this article online include the following: “Re: Birmingham City Council’s filing for bankruptcy, I noted the accompanying photo in The Times of the horrible bull introduced at the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in that city last year. It struck me that this simulated act of Baal worship at the Games, meant to usher in a ‘golden decade’ for the city, has had precisely the reverse effect”.