A van with the word 'Children' in Russian spray painted on itA van with the word 'Children' in Russian spray painted on it
The Jewish community members set up tents for newly arrived refugees. Many had spent hours or even days travelling or waiting at the border, often without food or drink, and some needed medical support
An improvised dormitory
An improvised dormitory
Donations Jewish refugees









Jewish community leaders in Moldova reported that there were already around 5,000 Jewish or

Jewish refugees in Moldova

Israeli refugees in Moldova by 1 March. David Segal, CEO of the Feed Israel Foundation, said they included a rabbi and his community from Odessa and many more were expected to arrive:

“The local Jewish community in Moldova has been working tirelessly to help the incoming flow of people who didn’’t have anywhere to go since the airports were not operating. These refugees need accommodation, food, water, and medicine.”

(All pictures from Feed Israel Foundation)

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