Number 10 Downing Street is the headquarters and London residence of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Dare we believe a New Year’s Eve prophecy that promises Britain a leader who cannot be bought?

A dramatic prophecy received on New Year’s Eve 2021 declares that God will bring Britain “a leader who cannot be bought.”

Furthermore, it is a leader “whose heart is truly for the nation and whose character will not be corrupted under pressure”.

This comes as the British government, among others, has been charged with crimes against humanity over the Covid pandemic.

The extraordinary case has been launched against the UK government, the World Economic Forum and the pharmaceutical giants behind the Covid-19 ‘vaccines’ at the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

Flying in the face of the repeated assurances that the Covid ‘vaccines’ are safe and effective, it alleges high level corruption in the suppression of cheaper, effective drugs that would have saved lives in order to profit from expensive ‘vaccines’ whose multiple adverse effects are being ignored.

New evidence even shows that some batches used in the US are particularly toxic, causing deaths and disability. Discovered by a British university researcher, this evidence has been called “intentional, premeditated, mass murder” by the lawyer behind the ICC case, Reiner Fuellmich.

Dr Fuellmich, the lawyer who defeated Deutsche Bank on behalf of small businesses, as well as helping expose the Volkswagen emissions scandal, has interviewed over 150 senior scientists and doctors for his ‘Corona committee’ since 2020.

While Dr Fuellmich maintains there is no doubt that money and population reduction lie behind the pandemic measures, a Christian lawyer has told HEART that the ICC tends to accept, then quietly do nothing about certain cases. Also its current prosecutor, Karim Khan, is a UK national.

Nonetheless, taking this historic case to The Hague could help publicise the evidence it brings; since December, when it was lodged, the mainstream media has started to report mistakes in the calculation of Covid deaths and the damage done to young people by the government’s heavy-handed fear campaign.

The national press has also begun to speculate on the potential harm to patients if an estimated 100,000 NHS staff are sacked in April for refusing to be vaccinated.

A leader who cannot be bought, whose heart is truly for the nation, and whose character will not be corrupted under pressure

Roy and Brenda Taylor
Brenda Taylor with husband Roy

But for the past two years, the mainstream media’s parroting of the government’s ‘narrative’ has done much harm, according to Cornwall-based prayer lead- er and teacher Brenda Taylor, who received the prophecy during a prayer meeting on New Year’s Eve.

Brenda Taylor, told HEART: “We have been incessantly brainwashed in recent days by the media’s narrative, which, at the same time has denied a voice to any other viewpoint. Yet increasingly, this narrative has cut across the Word of God, and our Creator has been sidelined. Often those who seek to bring what they believe God is speaking are ridiculed, silenced and persecuted. This has resulted in widespread fear and confusion, and deep anxiety across society.

“If the Lord himself was to be given a platform to speak, what a different narrative would emerge!”

Brenda Taylor points out how God’s views on issues like abortion, sexual behaviour and occult involvement are very clear from the Bible, along with “the need every human being has to know him and his love.”

She continues: “These are eternal truths, and don’t change, even in a changing world. Obedience can be a matter of life and death.”

Repent of all fear and mistrust, and listening to the wrong narrative

 With other prophetic ministers, she is aware that there is a shaking taking place of everything that used to seem securely immovable. Clifford Hill, who contributed to this paper for several years, spoke frequently of this from the prophet Haggai. In a time where people feel their very foundations are shifting, she and others met on New Year’s Eve to pray about 2022 and find out if there was “any direction and guidance to steer the Church amidst the shaking”. During that time, she was given the following prophecy, which encouraged the group, but has offered it for ‘testing’:

You are about to experience a fresh birth pang, and this is written in the Word, so you will not abandon hope, and will not abandon faith. The Lord reigns, and it will be his purposes that stand.

Evil people plot in their corridors of power, and thinking themselves to be wise, have become fools. They think it is in secret that they hatch their plans, but the Lord hears, and they do not realise, as they make their covenants together, that they are sealing more than a pact: they are sealing their own doom.

Yes, there will be persecution, but the Lord has heard the cries of the righteous remnant [Church], and this is what shapes the destiny of na- tions. In response, there will rise a leader who cannot be bought, whose heart is truly for the nation, and whose character will not be corrupted under pressure.

Don’t imagine that even a single prayer goes unheard… The reproach over the remnant [Church] will be removed, as a divine authority will be released to preach the truth, to pray for th sick, to be light in the gathering darkness, and bring in the waiting harvest.

Judgment and shaking will be all around, but a stream of blessing will flow alongside for those who are thirsty, and will seek their refuge in the Lord.

 Brenda concludes: “Basically God’s narrative has not changed. Human help will fail, but we are not to fear. We are to seek first the Kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and he will take care of those things he knows we need. He wants us to repent of all fear and mistrust, and listen- ing to the wrong narrative.

New Year rules…

Poet Juliet Dawn was inspired to write a poem on New Year’s Day which she showed to her mother, Brenda Taylor. Both realised that it affirmed the prophecy Brenda had received the night before; it speaks of lies in the media and the world’s ‘narrative’ (“A masterclass in brainwash and a daily dose of fear”), that there will be no returning to life as we knew it, and that there will be trouble – affirming the ‘birth pang’ part of Brenda’s prophecy. The full poem is below:

New Year rules….

New year rules have come to pass as this new year rolls in,

And that means all ‘old bets’ are off as the world gives way to sin,

There is no ‘back to normal’, there is no ‘as before’,

There’s just a twisted narrative and a firmly shut back door.


It will not ever be the same as life that we have known,

For gone is the familiar – as winds of change have blown!

There’ll be no safe and comfy seat from which to take a view,

For all the chairs were snatched away in a bid to trouble you.


And trouble sure comes beating, at your door and at your heart,

But you must choose to turn away and not to be a part,

For everything that now will come from those elite that rule,

Will not be born from any good and will take you as a fool.


Evil, spawned from minds of men now pledged as Satan’s seed,

Will be the only gameplay that is purposed and agreed,

A future planned for pure control, enslavement and for death,

They’ll take away, your liberty, your human rights, your breath……


Scorn, untruths and falsities dished up on top on lies,

Will be your daily serving for your soul, your ears, your eyes,

A masterclass in brainwash and a daily dose of fear…..

And if you’ve not perceived it yet…  please welcome your new year!!!


It’s not about a virus, and never has it been!

It’s all-out smoke and mirrors, an agenda gone unseen!

Upset the world, control the mass and press the re-set switch…..

But they have not accounted for the waking, warrior glitch.


New rules indeed are coming… but not as would be laid,

For an army is awaking and be sure, they’re not afraid!

It’s an army of God’s people and their rules are NOT the same,

As the ones now called “restrictions” in this mass entrapment game.


New rules are very simple, we must follow Christ the Lord,

In spite of all the turmoil and whatever is endured,

We must trust in his outworkings and a plan to end man’s crime,

A sovereignty unwavering: the redemption of all of time.


He alone is able, and Truth will be revealed!

A victory already won, and the end already sealed,

A Kingdom preparation for the days when sin is dust,

And our Saviour is this author, and now cling to him we must.



New rules are in for new year but they’re not on your TV,

Don’t read them in the paper, or on billboards you may see….

Just ditch old church-life settings and shake off the media chains….

We’ll take this year’s prescriptions, from The Lord, the One who reigns!!


1 January 2022 – Juliet Dawn

 “Warning, consolation and encouragement for the UK church”

The Church is going to be rebirthed in a glorious way, but first comes the pain of rotting institutions collapsing. Then there will be a new government which ‘resets’ to God’s agenda

Chris and Tracey Wickland of Living Word Network, Fareham
Pastor Chris Wickland with his wife Tracey

Chris Wickland is the senior pastor, with his wife Tracey, of the Living Word Church Network, based in Fareham, Hampshire, one of HEART’s Partner Churches. Chris is also author of ‘The Importance of Biblical Israel and All that Goes With It’ and the ‘Blessings of Abraham’, published in 2018.

He released this prophecy on 8 December 2021 and this is a paraphrased summary of a Youtube 17 minute recording, along with the transcript. Watch the video at 

Firstly, the Lord wishes to console his Church, because the days ahead will not be easy and life will never return to normal: “The world that you see around you is shaking, the topography is changing, laws of the land [are] being eroded.

“I am the rock, immovable and unchanging. Yet my people have embraced the worldly spirit of the age.” He warns that his Church is being rotted from within: “The rot is so deep that it will cause buildings to collapse and institutions, great and small, to just fall apart.

“You must understand that I am not abandoning my Church, but letting the rot reach its fullness. The gates of hell cannot prevail against my Church, but this year and onwards you [will] see institutions and churches close, some for the last time. “Just as my Son died a gruesome death and was put in a tomb, so my Church sometimes has to suffer and die to be resurrected. Count it pure joy when you undergo testing, because it will refine you and make you as pure gold.”

“We are not at the end of days yet, but very close”

Out of adversity, “a great and glorious revival” will be born. “My Church must be like a seed that falls to the ground and dies. Then slowly, from underground, she grows into a mighty oak that spreads across this nation once again.”

“We are not at the end of days just yet, but we are very close. It is a sea- son before the very end, which will be short-lived.

“The government of this land has been found wanting”

“This season of revival will be known as the golden age of the Church; all previous revivals such as Azusa Street will pale in comparison, but it will take place through great difficulties and many may become discouraged as they see churches disappear and church leaders who choose to cease to be.”

Warning about the nation

“This nation is coming into dark days. The government has allowed terrible laws to be passed that are stealing the innocent minds of children, opening the sluice gates of Satan himself to infill the minds and infiltrate this whole country through the media.

“My people are believing lies; be aware that most of the things that you think are real are fake and are not true.

“You’re going to see people’s liberties and civil freedoms being taken away in ways that you’ve never thought possible”

“The government of this land has been found wanting and I will bring it to a close, but with that will come great consternation and distress. Parliament will implode on itself because the current government will pass legislation which will cause this houseofcardstofinallycomedown.“You’re going to see people’s liberties and civil freedoms being taken away in ways that you’ve never thought possible, but stand firm, Church, as it will only be for a short time.

 “I have spared this country for a season”

“From the collapse of that government will come a new government. It will not be a Christian government but it will go back to older laws; they will reset to my agenda, not the global agenda. You see, I have spared this country for a season when equity, peace and justice will rule again.

“But the world will look on Britain with envious eyes and plot against her. However, after the collapse of the [current] government, the land will remain free.

“At the collapse of that [good] government, there will be a time of unrest where things will be very difficult. But in that seemingly darkest hour, wonderful things will happen. The prayers that have been prayed for hundreds of years will come to pass; you’ll see churches rising up that bear the traditions of Christianity in this country from ancient times as well as flowing in the things of the Spirit.

“Indeed, there are some already out there that are a prophetic echo of that deep, rich and powerful thing which is to come, where my Spirit and the Word blend in wonderful ways.

Geopolitical danger

“I’ve given you this word because things are now about to take a very dangerous turn. The geopolitical situation is going to become more untenable, especially between Britain and Europe. Brexit was my will but with that will come difficulties. Europe will look with envious eyes upon this country and they will claim it again for themselves one day.

“So prepare yourself while it is still barely daylight. Get on your knees and pray that you may be worthy to go through this time. Shake off worldliness, shake off contrarianism, shake off the lies of the world.

“You need to pray at this hour because a time of sifting is coming to my Church, but do not be discouraged, because it is necessary for my beautiful, revived Church to come and revival will be imminent.”

An eastern approach!

Rania Sayegh
Rania Sayegh started a prophetic prayer ministry in Nazareth in 2004. The vision is to train and mobilise prayer ‘warriors’ across Israel to pray for the fulfilment of God’s biblical promises for the land and her people

During a time of prayer and worship on 13 September 2021, I was praying for Israel and asking God to forgive sins and transgressions, something I had been doing daily throughout the ten Days of Awe which lead up to the Day of Atonement.

All of a sudden I was taken to the UK in a vision. I saw big, ancient doors in the eastern region of England, while a huge, majestic ‘Lion of the tribe of Judah’ – our Lord Jesus – stood in the middle of the land.

As a ticking clock on the ancient gates struck the 11th hour and 11th minute, the Lion roared towards the gates, which were flung open. Behind the ancient doors, I saw a huge number of people cheering and crying out from the cloud of witnesses, cheering the saints and crying out for breakthrough.

I also heard a voice saying, “The time has come for the ancient scrolls of destiny to open up and for my bride to step into all that I have called her to be – the royal priesthood, a glorious, victorious bride”.

The Lord is telling England’s believers to rise up from slumber and stand as a great army with banners of victory.

I believe the Lord is saying: “I have given the UK the keys of David, take the keys of authority and open wide the gates of destiny for my glory to shine greater in such a time as this! I saw that huge keys had been given to the UK, and these doors also are going to release a ‘dunamis’ (powerful) glory over Europe and Northern America. The Lord your God is moving in the land and his eyes are upon you; the time of mercy and favour for your land has come!”

(Psalm 24:7-10, Isaiah 22:22, John 11:11) 

Outside the Bible, all ‘prophecies’ are to be ‘tested’ carefully. These have a similar message and are offered for readers’ discernment, encouragement and warning.

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