As the West’s morals decay, Africa prioritises family life


Abortionist promotes euthanasia for mentally ill

Dr Ellen Wiebe
Caption: Medical Aid in Dying (MAiD) provider Dr Ellen Wiebe (Photo: Dying With Dignity Canada)

In Nazi Germany, panels of medical experts approved the ‘mercy killing’ of people with mental health problems because they were deemed a burden to the state.

Now a Canadian doctor is suggesting euthanasia for desperate people who are mentally ill as well as the physically ill – at a time when the state mental health system is failing.

Suicide activist Professor Ellen Wiebe – an abortionist who began her euthanasia practice in her abortion clinic – told CTV (Canadian Television Network): “Mental illness and physical illness both can cause unbearable suffering.”

A CTV programme then interviewed several Canadians with mental health issues who welcomed the proposal. And because of the terribly long wait times for mental health treatment in Canada, there is pressure for ‘state-assisted suicide’ as a way out.

But Dr John Maher told CTV that suicide as a solution is wrong: “The doctor is the sanitised gun.”


California bill may open door to infanticide

A controversial California pro-abortion bill that has become known as the ‘infanticide bill’ suffers from vague wording that may mean infanticide becomes legal.

On 27 September, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed what critics claim is a perinatal infanticide bill, AB 2223 – plus 12 other pro-abortion bills.

“California has effectively removed protections for newborns during their first 28 days”

Jay Sekulow
ACLJ Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow says Californian law “will effectively allow a living child to die up to 28 days after birth” (Photo: Mark Taylor/Wikipedia)

A Christian-led legal organisation, the American Centre for Law & Justice (ACLJ), believes that AB 2223 could decriminalise infanticide.  The ACLJ states that the bill “prevents coroners from investigating the deaths ‘related to or following known or suspected self-induced or criminal abortion’, including deaths of babies during the ‘perinatal’ period—which is up to 28 days after birth.

“The bill also protects individuals from criminal or civil liability for the death of an infant during the perinatal period, if the death is ‘due to causes that occurred in utero’.”

Thus ACLJ Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow claims that Californian law “will effectively allow a living child to die up to 28 days after birth.”

When the original version of the bill was accused of allowing infanticide earlier in 2022, fact-checking organisations poured cold water on the idea, including Reuters news agency. But the ACLJ warns that “California has effectively removed protections for newborns during at least the first 28 days of their lives.”

In contrast, the California Catholic Conference (CCC) believes that the revised wording of the bill “definitely closes the door on potential unintended consequences of permitting infant deaths due to abuse, neglect, or abandonment” and therefore “the CCC will be removing its opposition to AB 2223 and will remain neutral on the bill.”

Bakers in court for biblical beliefs

Jack Phillips
Trans activists are conducting a witchhunt against baker Jack Phillips

A Christian baker who won a case at the US Supreme Court for refusing to make a cake for a gay wedding is back in court – this time for refusing to bake a gender transition cake.

An attorney demanded that Jack create expressive cakes to ‘correct the errors’ of his thinking

Jack Phillips is appealing against a 2021 Colorado court ruling that found him guilty of discrimination for refusing the transgender cake job. He argues his religious beliefs prevent him from providing the service, and wants his free speech rights to be upheld.

“No one should be forced to express a message that violates their beliefs and conscience,” said Phillips’ lawyer, Jake Warner, from the Christian organisation Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF).

Warner added that Phillips is being hounded by trans extremists: “An activist attorney demanded that Jack create expressive cakes to test him and ‘correct the errors’ of his thinking. The attorney even promised to sue Jack again if the case is dismissed for any reason.”

Meanwhile, a California judge has ruled in favour of another baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple because it violated her Christian beliefs.

The state Department of Fair Housing and Employment had sued Cathy Miller’s company, Tastries Bakery, for discrimination, and forced her to either bake same-sex wedding cakes or close down. Kern County Superior Court Judge Eric Bradshaw decided the Department was wrong and Miller had acted within her rights.


EU caught using trade as a political weapon

Deputy Speaker of the Ugandan Parliament, Thomas Tayebwa
Family is the core of society, says Deputy Speaker of the Ugandan Parliament, Thomas Tayebwa (Photo: Screenshot)

Uganda has rejected the EU’s attempt to make the offer of a trade agreement with Africa dependent on African countries signing up to abortion and the LGBT agenda.

Thomas Tayebwa, the Deputy Speaker of the Ugandan parliament, spoke on behalf of his country at a 29 October – 2 November summit where African, Caribbean and Pacific states met with the EU to discuss an update on the Cotonou agreement. This pact, signed in 2000, governs trade and economic relations between the EU and all 48 sub-Saharan countries in Africa, 16 Caribbean countries and 15 Pacific countries.

Tayebwa said: “We have discovered that with the Post-Cotonou agreement, there are hidden clauses concerning human rights, clauses to do with sexuality, promotion of LGBT/homosexuality and clauses to do with abortion. The EU is demanding that we take a certain route; they should also know the character of our society.”

He continued: “We are not yet a society that has lost the moral compass. As Africa, we believe that the institution of the family is the core of whatever we are doing.”

In October, 33 African nations rejected the United Nations statement that abortion is a “human right” that should be provided by all members. And in September, Kenya banned movies with LGBT content.


European court rules in favour of abortion activist who defiled church

A woman who pretended to abort the baby Jesus on the altar of a French church while semi-naked was within her rights, according to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

“We are not yet a society that has lost the moral compass”

The ECHR overturned the verdicts of other French courts that had ruled against Eloïse Bouton – whose protest against Catholic pro-life beliefs interrupted a carol service rehearsal in October.

According to Premier News, the judges said Bouton was exercising “freedom of expression” when she mounted the altar in a blue veil to symbolise Christ’s mother, acted as though she was having an abortion, used pieces of animal liver to represent the destroyed foetus, and urinated on the floor.

The state must now pay Bouton’s legal costs, expenses and moral damages.



She acted as though having an abortion



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