Euthanasia laws sanction government ‘murder’

Angelina Ireland
Angelina Ireland, president of a Canadian hospice society, is refusing to euthanise their patients (Credit: Angelina Ireland/The B C Catholic)


The legalising of euthanasia in Canada has allowed “the state to kill”, according to the head of the country’s only pro-life hospice.

Angelina Ireland, president of the Delta Hospice Society’s board in British Columbia, warned that “MAiD (medical assistance in dying) is an amendment to the Criminal Code… MAiD allows agents of the state to kill us and it’s actually called ‘non-culpable homicide’.”

“We have abdicated our power”

Ireland, who describes herself as “a defender of traditional end-of-life values”, told LifeSiteNews: “We have abdicated our power and given the government the supreme authority — the right and the privilege to murder us.”

In 2020 Delta was banned from operating one hospice over its refusal to partake in MaiD.

President Emmanuel Macron
Whose human right? President Emmanuel Macron will make women’s abortion rights “irreversible” (Credit: Wikimedia)

Macron pledges to make abortion a human right


French President Emmanuel Macron has pledged to make abortion part of the French constitution in 2024.

Macron announced his intention to make abortion rights “irreversible”, after seeing the US Supreme Court overturn the Roe v Wade pro-abortion decision.

The Guardian reports that Macron’s government has engineered a bill that means he will not have to put the decision to a national referendum.

Anne Frank
The last known photograph of Anne Frank, taken in May 1942, for a passport (Credit: Anne Frank House, Amsterdam/Wikipedia)

Anne Frank institution renamed to promote ‘diversity’


A daycare centre in Germany has been accused of antisemitism because it is removing Anne Frank from its name, changing it to ‘World Explorer’.

The centre, in the small town of Tangerhütte, claims it is being more inclusive because migrants attending the centre say they can’t explain to their children why Anne Frank’s life was significant. Frank, a Jewish girl who died in a Nazi concentration camp, is famous for her diary which was published after World War 2.

New Speaker compared to gun killer

US Speaker Mike Johnson
US Speaker Mike Johnson (Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)


The newly elected Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Mike Johnson, has been called a “religious fanatic” by a US comedian and talk show host.

The comedian, Bill Maher, also compared the committed Christian to mass shooter Robert Card, who killed 18 people in Maine in October. Maher said: “Is he [Card] that different than Mike Johnson?”

Bible-believing Johnson is anti-abortion and anti-homosexuality and his election on 25 October has been heavily criticised by left-wingers. According to Premier News, atheist Maher mocked Johnson’s faith, calling him: “Super, duper, uber Christian. I mean super Christ-y. Republicans have really found their sweet spot: loves Jesus, hates democracy.”

In a Fox News interview Johnson responded to critics of his opinion on gay marriage, saying: “I respect the rule of law but I also genuinely love all people regardless of their lifestyle choices.”

X owner says ‘old Twitter’ was propaganda

Elon Musk
Elon Musk, who says he took over Twitter to defend free speech (Credit: Daniel Oberhaus/Wikimedia)


Billionaire Elon Musk claims that before he took over the social media business, Twitter (now X) was an “arm of the government” and a “far-left information weapon” that spread a “death cult” mindset across the globe.

Interviewed on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast on Spotify, Musk said the “old Twitter” had been dominated by extreme environmentalists who see “humanity as a plague” on the earth.

Musk told Rogan: “If you start thinking that humans are bad, then the natural conclusion is that humans should die out. That death cult was in charge of social media, and still largely is.” The SpaceX founder and Tesla CEO warned that if artificial intelligence (AI) gets into the hands of “extinctionists” it could be used to depopulate the earth.

Musk also confirmed that before he took it over, Twitter censored much conservative content, which would include religious voices, and “Republicans were suppressed at ten times the rate of Democrats”.

Treaty will force liberal ideology on developing nations


A new European Union treaty will make 79 African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) nations impose LGBTQ ideology and pro-abortion sex education on their populations.

According to LifeSiteNews, the treaty between the EU and the Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OACPS), which was due to be signed as HEART went to press, will “override national sovereignty and assault the innocence of children in a huge swath of countries if they don’t opt out”.

The Samoa Agreement, which will be legally binding for 20 years, is an update on the Cotonou Partnership Agreement signed in 2000 which concentrated on trade and economic matters. The new treaty smuggles in liberal policies under the banner of human rights, which according to a spokesperson for the Jamaica Coalition for a Healthy Society is “anti-human rights, anti-life, anti-children, anti-family, anti-freedom of speech, anti-freedom of conscience, anti-belief, anti-parental rights, anti-God”.

Treaty is “brainwashing” them in Western liberal values

Family Watch International also claims the treaty will require ACP governments to educate children on homophobia and transphobia, thus “brainwashing” them in Western liberal values.

As we write only Namibia has rejected the treaty, but pro-life organisations hoped that many other ACP countries would also opt out.

Museum boss fired for letting children into LGBT exhibition


Hungary has dismissed the director of its National Museum for breaking the law by allowing children into an exhibition that included LGBT content, reports Reuters news agency.

The decision came after a government inquiry because of a 2021 law that bans the “display and promotion of homosexuality” in books and films for under-18s.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has been criticised by the EU and human rights groups after his government sacked László Simon for failing to uphold “the legal obligations of the institution”.

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