Christians are signing away their lives with a thumbprint to get food and shelter

CHRISTIAN FAMILIES are suffering so much following heavy rainfall deluge in Pakistan that they have signed bonded labour contracts with their thumbprints – in effect becoming slaves so they can get some food and shelter.  

The heavy rainfall has damaged crops and livestock in areas such as Layyah and Gilgit where believers have miraculously survived.

The Government there has given water, food and medical aid to victims in the Kasur area – but not Christians, according to the British Pakistan Christian Association (BPCA). Many have lost their ‘mud homes’ which were washed away in a water surge.

Naveed Aziz, BPCA Officer, visited the victims who still trust God will provide for them. They are in desperate need of a clean water pump.

He said: “I was shocked at the immense devastation before me- it was a lot to take in. People are in real desperation and children are starving; I am surprised and shocked at the lack of help from Pakistani authorities.”

Chris Eyte

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