New book by local author Steve Kitt

Do you feel that you are in need of God’s guidance in your life right now?

Alternatively, are you a mature Christian who would welcome a publication to help younger Christians in seeking guidance in their lives? This book has been written by an author with nearly three decades of experience in knowing God’s guiding hand upon his life. He has partaken in many missions trips, shared his testimony on countless occasions and witnessed a number of miracle healings. The book is a combination of Bible-based teaching illustrated by practical examples from the author’s life.

The first part explores ways in which God may guide us: through his Word, through pictures, his audible voice, other people and perhaps even though a chain of events. The book also addresses how God may use you to help guide the lives of others. The issue of baptism in the Holy Spirit is explored, including an analysis of the various gifts of the Spirit.

Part 1 also looks at God’s great promises of provision in helping to fulfil His purposes in our lives.

The second part will examine various possible reasons why you are not ‘flying’ in life – perhaps as a result of past disappointments, present insecurities or simply areas of your life that are not currently submitted wholly to God.

Part 2 concludes by focussing on how God can guide your life through trials. The third and final part encourages the reader to start ‘dreaming big’, and to never forget that God has a great purpose for your life. Discovering your calling is a topic under discussion as the book draws to a close, stepping out of your comfort zone and recognising how immense and powerful God really is.

To obtain a copy of the book, please send a cheque for £6.50 (payable to Steve Kitt) + your address details to: Steve Kitt (pigeonhole K), 73 Victoria Drive, Bognor Regis, West Sussex PO21 2TD

In addition, Steve is happy to speak to churches or groups about the book and/or his experiences. He can be contacted on:

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