Theresa May and Angela Merkel

The ‘Maygate’ tapes

Secret recordings reveal a May-Merkel Brexit stitch-up

by John Petley

Two years after Theresa May became prime minister, I began to wonder how this politician, with her reputation for detail, could be making such a mess of the EU withdrawal agreement.

At the time, I was Operations Manager for the Campaign for an Independent Britain and the answer appeared to come via a shocking email from a Brexit-supporting expat who had heard a recording of a private meeting between Mrs May and German Chancellor Angela Merkel which took place shortly before the so-called Chequers Plan became public in July 2018.

In this meeting, May and Merkel agreed that the withdrawal agreement would keep the UK as close as possible to the EU in preparation for the UK to rejoin the EU after the next General Election. In turn, Mrs May would seek to get rid of the Brexiteers within the Conservative Party.

Mrs May had not, apparently, known she was being recorded, which could explain her unguardedness, but briefings were given to EU embassies.

Despite my contact’s inability to provide me with a transcript, I believe these explosive claims offer the only plausible explanation for the disastrous withdrawal agreement which would turn the UK into a vassal state – and the ‘political declaration’ that appears in places to have been translated from German and commits Britain to the EU’s current and future military projects.

My source has been accurate in the past: several other tip-offs of EU intentions passed to me were revealed two or three days later by the press.

As Sir Bill Cash, Chairman of the European Scrutiny Committee, has said, Mrs May’s bill is a “profound humiliation for the British people” in what he calls “a German Europe.”

The full account of this treachery has been on political websites for some weeks, but readers can decide for themselves and read why I believe my source to be reliable.

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John Petley is a monetary analyst for the Institute of International Monetary Research, set up by the economist Professor Tim Congdon. An evangelical Christian, he took part in over 20 debates and rallies during the 2016 EU referendum campaign. He and his wife are members of Mayfield Baptist Chapel, East Sussex.