Atheists chant objections as children eat their lunches

When parents at an American school started providing food and Christian teaching to the kids on their lunch break, the school authorities objected. So far, it seems the school leaders have bitten off more than they can chew.

The ‘Jesus Lunches’, begun in 2014 for a handful of children at Middleton High School in Wisconsin, soon mushroomed. The meetings, held in a nearby park, provide home cooked meals along with a Christian-themed, inspirational message. Nearly 500 youngsters now turn up.

“We show up every week just to show the love of Jesus,” parent Beth Williams said. “Our mission statement for Jesus Lunch is ‘food for the body, nutrition for the soul.’”

In April, school officials judged the off-campus religious gatherings in Fireman’s Park to be “divisive” and called for them to be shut down. Principal Steve Plank claimed the practice violates school and district policy, and was a hygiene risk. Atheist activists turned up at the lunches to protest.

The lunches cost the mothers up to $2,500, supported by local churches and Christian businesses. Inbetween

The dispute rumbled on across the summer, with both sides taking their case to local government. Pending the City authorities making a decision about the use of their park, Jesus lunches are planned fortnightly for the rest of the autumn.

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