Rachel Cary attended an un-woke conference

Miriam Cates
Rising Tory star Miriam Cates MP said that “social policy undervalues motherhood (Credit: National Conservatism Conference)

“I would like to draw your attention to a few characteristics of fascism,” said a male protestor interrupting Jacob Rees-Mogg, before being bundled out by burly security guards.

Two further interruptions to the National Conservatism Conference came during Suella Braverman’s speech. She quipped that it was “audition day for the shadow cabinet.”

The audience was surprisingly youthful

Suella Braverman
Home Secretary Suella Braverman’s speech was interrupted twice by Extinction Rebellion protestors (Credit: National Conservatism Conference)

Some of the MPs present were evangelical Christians, and other speakers shared very un-woke views. Miriam Cates asked: “When social policy so undervalues motherhood, is it any wonder that few women take up the role?”

Her colleague Danny Kruger said that “the normative family, held together by marriage… is the only possible basis for a safe and successful society”, a remark so ‘radical’ that Matt Hancock later denounced it as “offensive” and “a completely fringe view within the Conservative Party”.

‘Promoted to glory’

Two much-admired American evangelicals have been ‘promoted’

George Verwer pioneered youthful evangelism

CREDIT: www.canonjjohn.com

George Verwer, who founded and led OM (Operation Mobilisation) for over 40 years, died on 14 April aged 84.

Verwer motivated thousands of young people to travel abroad and evangelise through literature. Fellow evangelist Canon J John, who knew Verwer well, writes: “He had an astonishing global influence on the way the Church carries out its vital task of sharing the good news of Jesus.

“Quite literally countless thousands of individuals have been brought to Christ and, no less significant, an equally vast number of Christians have been equipped to share their faith with confidence and boldness.”

A longer tribute to George Verwer by J John will be at www.heartpublications.co.uk

Tim Keller, Reformed church founder and author

CREDIT: Frank Licorice, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Theologian Tim Keller died on 19 May 2023 aged 72, after a prolonged battle with pancreatic cancer.

Called “the modern-day CS Lewis,” he wrote 31 books and founded Redeemer Presbyterian Church, one of New York’s largest churches.

He co-founded The Gospel Coalition (TGC), a fellowship of Reformed evangelical churches. “There is no pastor I know, in the last 100 years, who did what Tim Keller did to take the Reformed faith to the street, to the Church, and to the academy,” wrote TGC’s interim president Sandy Wilson. “He will be remembered among this generation’s most effective Christian pastors, apologists, and evangelists.”

Late news

A man has pleaded guilty to the attempted murder of Hyde Park Corner evangelist Hatun Tash.

Edward Little, 21, changed his plea during his Old Bailey trial. Police had pulled over his London-bound taxi on 23 September 2022 and found thousands of pounds in cash with which he was planning to buy a gun.

Tash, who suffered wounds to her face and hand following a separate, knife-related attack two years ago, regularly preaches at Hyde Park on issues linked to Islam.