We had so many orders for the last issue of HEART from readers who wanted to read the articles on the EU that we ran out! Papers were posted to friends around the country and even to Christian friends in Germany.

One pastor delivered an extra 200 papers to every home in his district with a small church team.

Our review of David Hathaway’s ‘Rape of Europe’ DVD (‘Is the EU in biblical prophecy?’) resulted in his ministry receiving 400 orders and having to have more copies made.

This time we’ve printed an extra 4,000 papers, bringing our circulation to 25,000.

However, we have no diocese or publishing house behind us and send papers out to hundreds of churches free of charge. Each delivery of 25 papers costs us £5.50 in transport alone which does not cover journalism, design or print.

To keep this paper going we rely on paid adverts and partner donations.

To order more papers or support this work, or come on our prayer list, please contact distribution@heartpublications.co.uk or call 01903 209383

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