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HEART Christian newspaper | May 24, 2019

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Greece: Christian refugees “in fear of their lives”

February 4, 2019 |

Ex-Muslims have been assaulted and threatened in migrant camps

Muslim converts to Christianity are being threatened and cut with knives in Greece’s migrant camps, a recent report from the International Christian Consulate (ICC) has revealed.

ns in camps experience regular … Read More


February 4, 2019 |

Everyone can see that Britain is in a mess! The humiliating sight of our MPs all shouting at one another like children in the infant school playground has been beamed to the world. But there is a very simple explanation … Read More

Czech mate

February 4, 2019 |

Czech Republic President Milos Zeman conveyed a “message of solidarity with Israel and the Jewish people” at a special session of the Knesset (parliament) held in his honour.


Bus blast miracle

When a bus was blown up by a … Read More

Tourist choice

February 4, 2019 |

Jerusalem has been ranked one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the world after experiencing a 37.5% growth rate compared to 2017, which had also seen a significant growth of 32%.

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Labour Party suspension

February 4, 2019 |

The Labour Party’s West Midlands regional organiser Mohammed Yasin has been suspended for sharing anti-Semitic material blaming Jews for “all the wars in the world”. He has been writing anti-Semitic posts and 9/11 conspiracy theories for over two years.

However, … Read More

Punished for selling land

February 4, 2019 |

A Palestinian-American man has been sentenced to life with hard labour by a Palestinian court after being found guilty of selling property to Jews.

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Quakers capitulate

February 4, 2019 |

The Quakers of Britain have announced a boycott of Israel. Their national representative body decided at their annual meeting that they will not invest any of their centrally held funds in “companies profiting from the occupation of Palestine”.

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February 4, 2019 |

European nations pay for defiance of God’s plan

By Charles Gardner

As virtual civil war over Brexit breaks out within the ranks of the political class, there is a general blindness to the real cause of our troubles, which lies with our relationship – not with Europe – but with Israel.

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Foreign Secretary orders persecution report

February 4, 2019 |

The Foreign Office has commissioned an independent report on global Christian persecution, to be led by the Bishop of Truro.

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Kenya hotel massacre sparked by Trump move

February 4, 2019 |

The DusitD2 hotel siege in which Islamic militants killed at least 21 people in January was a reaction to Donald Trump’s Israel policy.

According to the BBC, responsibility for the attack in Nairobi was claimed by Somalia-based al-Shabab. Their statement … Read More

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