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This is an abridged version of a message received by Pastor Chris Wickland of Living Word Network on 24 December 2023.

It speaks of God exposing sin in Parliament, churches closing, an attempt by Islam to take over the nation, famine and financial devastation

By Chris Wickland

This will be a year of financial, political and spiritual tumult, the brewing of the perfect storm which will erupt on Britain’s shores.

This nation has been found severely wanting and now chastisement must fall. It will fall on the political house, the financial house and the spiritual house of Great Britain.

When the Government deemed garden centres as essential, while my house the Church remained shut, when the Government put through unjust laws of inequity and inequality that favoured only the minority in the name of equality, then know this: “Mene, Mene, Tekel, Parsin” (Daniel 5:25-28). You have been found wanting and the scales are tipped against you.

I will cause confusion to fall on the House of Parliament as it fell on the tower of Babel; I will tear down the rot within the political system within one year and expose many of their lies, which will be very uncomfortable for the public to behold.

I will no longer be mocked. All your deep and dirty secrets will be exposed to the light; this will be across the whole Houses of Parliament. In exposing those in authority, I will also expose the hearts of the common man and woman. I will sift all, and will try all men’s hearts.

My truth will flash across this land like a lighthouse, exposing the darkness and the evil motivations of the human heart. This will make many wriggle, writhe and squirm as their deeds are brought to the light of day.

Many will be disgusted at what will be exposed and then horrified at themselves for how dark they have truly become. This is part of my chastisement! I will make people see themselves as they truly are and this will be very grievous for many.

When your crumbling political house collapses, it will be horrific to witness. Those politicians whom many hoped would help this nation will topple and fall.

You have rejected the God of your fathers, O Great Britain, therefore I hand you over to another god for a short season. Watch as you see the hand of Islam try to take this nation.

All those freedoms you so aspire to and love will be snatched away from you. When you come to your senses and pray, then I will have mercy and stop the rise of Islam from taking hold of the UK.

This is the day of Joseph; he will rise again in this hour to help my Church. For the time of great famine is now about to be unleashed on the UK. To have a Joseph is a small mercy to a repugnant and rebellious nation that does not deserve such favour. He will be raised for this hour to help this nation from the financial devastation that is coming. He will walk in the courts of power and my favour and grace will alight upon him for this season.

East London Muslim leader proudly announces that
Muslims are buying churches that are closing
East London Muslim leader proudly announces that Muslims are buying churches that are closing (Credit: TousiTV YouTube)

This will also be a time when I will remove the candlesticks from all those institutions that claim to be of me but are indeed of the house of Belial. Many churches will be shut and many will never re-open. The Church of England will be halved from her current stature, which will be a shocking sign to the nations. It will be a great humbling for the land of Great Britain.

Britain, you lie in a dangerous place. You have Islam on the left, waiting to take this nation and on the right a Marxist republic that will arise from Europe coming for you.

After I have dealt with Islam’s uprising, I will give you a short window of favour for my Church, with days of great harvest. However, winter must surely come and with it the rise of an evil empire that will sweep through Europe and eventually claim Britain as its own. I have delayed these days for the sake of my praying Church.

Some may say, “Where is the hope in this message?”

But I say, “Your hope is in me. I am your hope and your exceedingly great reward. I am enough.”

These are serious and dark days, my people; 2024 will be the unfolding of great sadness and darkness upon this nation. But I have to chastise this land, her government, her economy and my Church. For I have found these three to be bereft and wanting.

Until my Church humbles herself and prays again, then my hand will not be stayed from this land. My Church is fat, lazy and asleep in her nakedness. She has not made herself ready to meet her Bridegroom, but has become weak and filthy.

Until you clean your garments in the blood and make yourself white with your good works, my hand will not be stayed from this nation. Return to me, your first love, your only love. When you bend the knee again in prayer and humble yourself for me and this nation on which you stand, then I will turn from my anger and I will bring blessing, favour and peace to this nation for a short while.

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Chris Wickland is an author and the Senior Pastor of Living Word Church Network, Fareham, Hampshire (see partner churches on back page). He and his wife Tracey have five children and, as well as cultivating an acre of crops for their church, are planning to develop a building and land for a praying community. A compilation of Chris’s visions and prophetic words from the past 25 years is now in a book, ‘Treasures from Heaven Volume 1’, available from Amazon and some bookshops.

Editor’s note

The messages in this section are printed because they appeared to coincide; the theme is of judgement on the nation and repentance which is especially urgent after years of warnings. They also appear to echo the prophecy received for Britain by Lance Lambert in 1986, which is still being circulated.

The Bible says that we “see through a glass darkly”, and therefore all prophetic messages are offered with that caveat. The Bible is our yardstick against which all prophecy must be tested, to see if it is in line with God’s Word and if there is the accompanying witness of the Holy Spirit.

For this reason and the fact that space is limited, we prefer messages received by ministers known to us which have already been tested by other trusted ministers.

While we are grateful to readers who forward prophecies and sermons, please email rather than post them, with a summary, especially if the YouTube message is longer than three minutes!