The Hastings Street Pastor team winning two community awards last yearThe Hastings Street Pastor team winning two community awards last year

Street Pastors ‘rescue’ drunken teenagers

FOR MANY TEENAGERS, NEW YEAR’S EVE is a chance to get drunk – but few know when to stop.

That’s when Street Pastors step in and this New Year’s Eve in Hastings saw them rescuing many youngsters from danger as they tottered around the town centre.

Martin West, the team’s leader, reports: “We’re always there to help but this year we were all really touched to receive an email from a grateful mum next day.”  The lady wrote:

“I would just like to thank your organisation and the very kind people in it who give up their time to help very drunk 18 year olds such as my daughter K who was assisted to my waiting car by Debenhams in Hastings at 4am and who was very much worse for wear from drinking.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for looking after her as she is my very precious adopted daughter who although has been given roots and wings over the ten years she has been with me just sometimes flies a little close to the sun. God bless you all and the world is a better place for people like you.”

It was the team’s fourth year of patrolling Friday and Saturday nights.  Two street teams of four each were backed up by six Prayer Pastors at their base in Wellington Square Church.   The evening marked the debut of their Pulse Bus which offered a safe space to everyone thronging Hastings town centre till past 4am.

Martin says: “Many revellers were grateful for the reassuring non-judgemental love shown by the street pastors, often surprised at not being preached at but rather shown a listening ear, compassion with sacrificial love and help through first aid and signposting to local agencies.”

The 70-strong team of Christian volunteers also won two awards at the Hastings Achievers’ 2012 Gala for Best Community Group and Building Bridges.  Martin is full of praise for his team: “They selflessly relinquish the duvet to be Good Samaritans, giving not taking.”


Street pastors showcase their work

Sonrise Church at St Peters and St Paul, Bohemia Road, Hastings, is hosting a showcase of the work of the Pastors on Thursday, 21 March at 7.30pm.  All are welcome to attend. Contact for details of HSP is 07964 167870 or email They will freely give a talk on their work any time.

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