Given how the ‘Pride’ movement is taking over the West, the Church’s silence over this issue speaks volumes.

As Christian laity depend upon their leaders for guidance in matters of wider social and national importance, one wonders what can be done? As a historian in these matters, this is what I propose:

Allow the realisation to land that we are dealing with an aggressively promoted ideology and must re-think Church and wider life issues (the professions, the education of children etc).

Realise that Jesus’ teachings on sexuality will increasingly be seen as irrelevant or ‘hate speech’. Is this OK?

Answer specious but powerful claims, such as ‘Christianity hurts gays.’ Dr Mike Davidson of Core Issues Trust, who used to be gay, is producing excellent research and is working with churches to offer the most effective help possible to strugglers. ‘Once gay’ ministries are game-changers.

Protect children. ParentPower1 is at the forefront of training parents to do this. Muslims ask me what is going on with Christian parents: don’t they realise what’s happening?

Support victims. Invite Christian Concern to update your church.

Start a group to research and respond to these issues. Preach about, get updates on, and pray for these issues regularly.

Hold church leaders to account. This is happening on their watch. What are they doing about it? If they cannot lead here, then financially support those who will.

Vote with your credit card. Tell LGBT-promoting Sainsbury’s they have lost your business, for instance, and thank non-Pride shops for staying out of the culture wars by shopping with them.

I lead a think tank/support group which engages on these issues; do be in touch if you wish!


Dr Lisa Nolland