These prayer points are from a longer guide by Pastor John of Strengthen the Faithful and were used in a recent prayer day

PRAY . . .

  • For the protection of the nation from acts of terrorism and military threat and that God may show mercy rather than judgement. We urgently need his blessing of protection from the threats around us and from within. A nation will reap what it sows. Ask that God may open the hearts and minds of the spiritually blind in order that they may see that the way of peace and safety lies in following him.
  • That the Lord may call more Christians to be pastors and clergy, politicians and journalists, judges, magistrates and lawmakers, teachers, councillors, school
    governors, nurses and doctors etc, in order that a Christian influence may extend throughout every stratum of society.
  • For greater support for Christian run charities and organisations.
  • That while being bold in our Christian witness we remain gracious, kind and loving towards those with whom we disagree. We must not be bitter towards them, remembering that “The Lord is not
    willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.” (2 Peter 3:9). Too often Christian witness can become tainted because it is done in the wrong spirit. (Luke 9: 54-56).
  • For those Christians who have lost their jobs or livelihood because of their faithfulness to Christ.
  • That Almighty God in his providence will overrule the events of these troubled times to advance his Kingdom.
  • That faithful followers and intercessors across the nation will work, pray and support each other, altogether as one Body. May it never be said of true Christians; “They won’t work together out of pride.”
  • For growing awareness of God’s infinite holiness and that he is not just a God of love. It is understanding his holiness that leads people to repentance.
  • That Christians may recognise their responsibility to be a strong Christian witness wherever they are. Every Christian is a missionary and every unbeliever a mission field.
  • That church leaders, pastors and ministers who don’t accept the authority of the Word of God may have their eyes opened to the truth of Scripture.
  • For the multitudes of “shallow Christians”. Pray that those who are spiritually asleep and lukewarm will be enlightened as to their spiritual condition and then deepen their faith. Unless their relationship with the Lord has deep roots, they will not endure. (Matthew 25:6-8).
  • That Christians may wholeheartedly follow and obey the dear Saviour. What lady would marry a man who was only 90% committed to her? Likewise, the Lord deserves to be fully first in our hearts. In Matthew 7:21-23 there is a description of church attenders standing before our Lord at his Second Coming. Pray that the numbers fitting this description will be reduced.

Take heart

Take heart and be of good courage. The Lord can save by many or by few. See 2 Chronicles 14:11. Also remember the story of Gideon and his 300 (Judges 7) and the reassurance given to weary and distressed Elijah when the entire nation seemed all but lost. (1 Kings 19:11-18).

Suggested Bible Readings

• Joel 2:12 onwards
• Isaiah 58, 59:1-8
• Jonah 3
• Psalm 130
• Daniel 9:4-19

National days of prayer

Reflect: heartfelt intercessory prayer really does change the outcome of things. A total of seven National Days of Prayer were held at critical times throughout World War 2. After each one, God responded with his blessing and protection.

Looking back, the Bishop of Chelmsford, Dr H A Wilson, wrote, “If ever a great nation was on the point of supreme and final disaster, and yet was saved and reinstated it was ourselves… it does not require an exceptionally religious mind to detect in all this the hand of God.”

Be encouraged by seeing a short film, ‘A Dramatic Answer to Prayer. The Miracle of Dunkirk’ on YouTube or type in this link: https://youtu.be/a8vyfp0aVHk
For the full prayer guide, email strengthenthefaithful@gmail.com

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