Crowds of Jews, Christians and Iranian exiles filled Trafalgar Square on 14 January to support Israel and urge the release of the hostagesCrowds of Jews, Christians and Iranian exiles filled Trafalgar Square on 14 January to support Israel and urge the release of the hostages (Credit: Tousi TV)

Israel is well past the 100-day marker in its current war with the Gaza Strip-based Islamist terror entity Hamas and its Iranian-sponsored allies. These prayer topics come from disciples of Jesus the Messiah in Israel, who are living day-to-day with the realities of this war, and who understand fully the consequences if the terrorists win

By Robin Benson

Kidnapped hostages’ photos displayed at a ‘Bring them home’ rally
Kidnapped hostages’ photos displayed at a ‘Bring them home’ rally (Credit: Heart Publications)

Knowing what and how to pray is not always easy, especially when some prayer topics are long-term items that need presenting to the Lord again and again. This small selection is accompanied by Scripture references that can be used to pray into that subject.

1. Thanksgiving

(a) Praise God that we come to the One true God who is God of all the earth…that our God reigns! (Psalm 93:1)

(b) Thank God for all the prayers that he has answered, and for all those not answered, that were not in line with his will (1 John 5:14-15).

Christians who came to Trafalgar Square to rally for Israel
Christians who came to Trafalgar Square to rally for Israel and the
kidnapped hostages included, centre left, Lady Carol Baker from
Devon, Jane Smyth and (behind), Kate Rose, both from Sussex (Credit: Heart Publications Credit: Heart Publications)

2. For ‘Operation Swords of Iron’

Israel’s military remains focused on the destruction of Hamas and its allies in the Gaza Strip, even as the number of daily clashes with Hezbollah in Lebanon grows, and the confrontation with the Houthis in Yemen causes increased international concern.

(a) Ask the Lord to guard Israel from all foolish “suggestions” by leaders of the nations – especially the unhelpful pressure from the USA administration – on how Israel should deal with Hamas and its Islamist allies in Gaza (Psalm 74:22).

(b) Ask the Lord to guard all Israel’s service personnel physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, and supply their every need (Psalm 18:2).

(c) Remove all spiritual protection over Israel’s enemies, and turn the curses pronounced by Hamas, its allies, and every enemy of the Jewish people back on their own heads (Deut 23:5).

South African Christians have opposed theirgovernment’s bringing of genocide charges against Israel to the
International Court of Justice
“We won’t be silenced”: South African Christians have opposed their government’s bringing of genocide charges against Israel to the International Court of Justice. At this meeting, Christians assembled to hear preachers declaring: “Without Israel, South Africa will never reach its highest potential. It’s always beautiful seeing our people so united. Light chasing after darkness. For the sake of Zion, we won’t be silenced, for the sake of Jerusalem we won’t be silenced. What’s happening in Israel and across the world is so crystal clear. There has never been a clearer demarcation of good and evil. God is sorting out the teams. And everyone here today has declared I am with the Bible and I am with God. I am with Israel, the Jewish people.” (Credit: beholdisrael via Telegram)

3. For Israeli government and society

After being united by the shock of the 7 October invasion and massacre, signs of the divisions which ripped the nation apart in the first part of 2023 are re-emerging.

(a) As Prime Minister Netanyahu is still Israel’s leader, strengthen him, the war cabinet, and his cabinet, and shield them from all the anti-war noise from the governments and people of many Western and Arab nations (Psalm 35:1-2).

(b) Ask the Lord to arise and defend Israel against South Africa’s ridiculous charge of “genocide” brought to the International Court of Justice in The Hague (Isaiah 54:17).

(c) May God comfort and draw to himself all Israelis whose loved ones have died, who are still among the 129 hostages, or whose fate is unknown (Psalm 86:15).

4. For internal security

There are increasing signs of unrest among the Arab/Muslim population of Judea and Samaria, whipped up by Hamas and other terror groups who have undermined the already corrupt leadership of the Palestinian Authority.

(a) Thank the Lord for his continued protection over Israel. Ask him to continue to guard his people and all of his land, especially in light of increased terror attacks in Judea and Samaria, and from there into Israel itself (Jeremiah 31:10).

(b) Ask the Lord to sow massive confusion and discord in and between every terrorist group (Psalm 59:12-13).

(c) Ask the Lord to save many Palestinian Arabs/Muslims in Gaza, Judea and Samaria at this time (Romans 11:11).

Itai Svirsky, who was taken hostage to Gaza on 7 October.
Itai Svirsky was taken hostage to Gaza on 7 October.
Hamas forced him to participate in a propaganda video released on 15 January and then murdered him (Credit: beholdisrael via Telegram)

5. For external security

Israel’s greatest earthly threat comes from the Shi’ite regime ruling Iran (ancient Elam). It (not the Iranian people) is the prime sponsor of all the Islamist terror groups seeking Israel’s destruction, no matter where those entities are located (Jeremiah48:35-38).

(a) Ask the Lord to prepare the IDF, Israel’s politicians and its people for the very real possibility of an all-out multi-front war against Iran and its proxies in Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, and Yemen (Jeremiah 51:20,24).

(b) Ask the Lord to show Israel’s leaders how to guard all its borders, including with Jordan, Syria, Egypt, and along the Mediterranean coast (Jeremiah 23:23-24).

(c) Ask the Lord to sovereignly destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities, and any associated industries whose purpose is the destruction of Israel (Psalm 68:1).

6. For Aliyah (the return of Jews to their ancient land)

God is restoring his people to his land for his holy name’s sake (Ezekiel 36:21-24).

(a) Use the increasing hatred of Jewish people and Israel throughout the nations resulting from Israel’s self-defensive war against Hamas to warn Jews in ‘exile’ that, while it may not be 100% safe in Israel, it is safer than living outside the Jewish state (Jeremiah 23:3).

(b) Thank the Lord for the large number of Israelis who have come home since 7 October because of rising Jew-hatred, and to offer solidarity with their nation. Ground them in the Land, and forbid them from ever returning to exile (Amos 9:14-15).


Robin Benson has reported on current events in Israel for many years and appears regularly on Revelation TV’s ‘Politics Today’ and ‘Middle East Report’. He also hosts online prayer meetings for Israel (currently Monday and Wednesday evenings) and issues weekly prayer bulletins. Contact:

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