‘Tributes by friends of David Pawson’

Edited by Kim Tan

Anchor Recordings (Tel: 01233 620958)

On 21 May 2020 David Pawson passed away, or, as his friends and supporters would say with utter certainty: “He went to be with the Lord”.

Here is a collection of tributes and personal stories of the impact his teaching had on individuals and churches throughout the world.

David Pawson
David Pawson has left a rich legacy

David Pawson, the man, was something of an enigma. For 14 years he was minister to the 1,500 strong congregation at Millmead Church, Guildford and a household name in evangelical circles.

A magnificent orator in front of thousands, he was socially awkward in groups of two or three. He went on to have an itinerant ministry, impacting churches across the world, especially in south-east Asia.

A magnificent orator in front of thousands, he was socially awkward in groups of two or three

His legacy is huge, both in terms of living fruit and discipleship. Many thousands found faith through his preaching and teaching.

He wrote over 80 books and has left a wealth of teaching through video and audio. I hear new books are still to come, based on material David was working on before his death and am looking forward to his next one: ‘Heaven and Hell – the final facts for believers.’

One of the words that stands out in the stories is ‘controversial’. The book’s introduction says David welcomed lively discussions, especially on subjects deemed ‘controversial’ – a label often attached to David himself.

Over the years I have interviewed many people for Revelation TV. Only one has ever said: “I never want to be interviewed by that man again” (referring to me), and “I don’t want that programme shown”.

That was David Pawson. In one of the programmes we did together, he had taken exception to a line of questioning about a particular subject. Needless to say, he did allow the programme to be broadcast, and he did allow me to interview him again.

He never wasted a word

The stories demonstrate David Pawson’s unique style of communicating – simple, direct, profound. He never wasted a word.  But as the title of his bestselling book, ‘Unlocking the Bible’, says, his one desire in life was to help people understand the Bible. That work still goes on …

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