A BABY’S life was saved in Brighton after pro-life volunteers were able to speak with a woman considering an abortion.

Abort67 volunteers Pauline Peachy and Kathryn Attwood were outside the Wistons abortion clinic in Brighton at the end of July when they met the woman.  Pauline reports, “A taxi stopped and a young woman got out alone. She hurried past, not looking at me. However she came out less than half an hour later. She stopped and listened then. She hadn’t taken the pill. She took some leaflets, but when I showed her the little feet pin we give out, she started to cry.  We asked her what help she needed to keep the baby, saying that whatever it was, we could provide it – God has never let us down!

Deciding to talk in a cafe, the volunteers learned that the woman and her husband were afraid: “She was a Catholic who believed in God. She wanted to have an early abortion because she thought it wasn’t really a baby yet.”

Kathryn added: “After our conversation with her she was adamant she would keep the baby, no matter what anybody said.”

Volunteers from Abort67 continue to hold pro-life vigils outside the clinic, despite a court ordeal last year when Kathryn and leader Andy Stephenson were arrested for holding up banners of aborted babies.

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