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HEART Christian newspaper | 20 October 2020

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Scotland Archives - HEART Christian newspaper


2 February 2017 |

A call to strip Catholic schools in Scotland of their right to determine their sex education curriculum has been made by the Humanist Society Scotland.

The Society claims Catholic pupils are being “left behind” on sexual issues, like pornography and sexting, which are taught about in other schools. Read More

Named Person scheme defeated in all but name

30 September 2016 |

In a major victory for family campaigners the Scottish Government has been forced to admit that its controversial Named Person legislation requires significant changes.

The scheme would have appointed a “named person” to monitor the welfare of every child in Scotland from 31 August. Read More

Who will govern Scotland?

29 May 2015 |

The United Kingdom once had a British empire ‘on which the sun never set’. Now even the union in 1707 of England, Scotland and Wales faces the prospect of falling apart The sweeping success of the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) in the General Election has placed the UK government in a no-win situation. If no further concessions are made towards the ‘Lion rampant’ spirit, then support for it will continue to grow. However, further devolution will increasingly erode the arguments against full independence. Meanwhile a future UK referendum on EU membership could prompt another separatist vote in Scotland. Read More

As Scotland has voted to stay British… IS IT JUDGEMENT DAY REPRIEVE?

3 October 2014 |

Rev Dr Clifford Hill

THE SCOTTISH REFERENDUM HAS BEEN HAILED as a triumph of common sense. But I believe it was a triumph of prayer!

Forty-five per cent of the people of Scotland were pushing the nation towards the edge of an abyss. If they had succeeded in getting a ‘Yes’ vote they would have destroyed the whole United Kingdom. It was a bit like wanting to change the wallpaper in one room but ending up by pulling the whole house down. Read More

“Duty to die” fears over assisted suicide bill

5 December 2013 |

A Scottish bid to legalise assisted suicide is “unnecessary, unethical and dangerous”, and could lead the vulnerable to feel they have a “duty to die”, campaigners say. Read More

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