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HEART Christian newspaper | 20 September 2020

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British bishops join Free Iran protest

27 July 2016 |

Right Rev Rachel Treweek, Bishop of Gloucester – one of several bishops protesting against Iran’s treatment of Christians. Photo: Diocese of Gloucester

Persecution of Christians in Iran is getting worse, said four bishops as a ‘Free Iran’ international protest took place in Paris on 9 July.

Almost 80 British and American church leaders supported the protest, one year after economic sanctions on Iran were lifted. They demanded government action to prevent persecution of Christians and other minorities in the Islamic state. Read More


31 January 2015 |

Last updated on February 6th, 2015 at 06:38 pm

It is becoming increasingly difficult for Muslims to go on claiming that Islam is a religion of peace. The mounting evidence of violence contradicts this as Jihadists carry out unspeakable atrocities in the name of Allah. The Paris attack upon unarmed journalists sitting in an editorial meeting was a cowardly act of barbarism which was rightly condemned throughout the world. Once again, this violent attack on a soft target was carried out in the name of the Islamic god Allah Read More

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