Today’s Tower of Babel

After the flood the people said: “Come let us build ourselves a city with a tower that reaches to the heavens” (Genesis 11:4).

The Tower of Babel was the vision of men whose goal was “to make a name for themselves”, cocking a snook, so to speak, in the face of the Almighty.

They were scattered over the face of the earth by the One they had rebelled against, and left unfinished the tower that so many years later, the Dutch artist Brueghel the Elder, imagined in his 16th century painting ‘The Tower of Babel’.

As David Hathaway so graphically shows in his DVD, ‘The Rape of Europe’, this was the design carefully copied in the architecture of the building in Strasbourg that houses the Council of Europe. The finished building with the scaffolding at the top incorporated in its design is a pointed allusion to the unfinished tower of Babel.

The slogan of today’s globalists – “build back better” – echoes the call of humanists in the days of Nimrod.

As Solomon said: “There is nothing new under the sun”.

Edith Powney

Wimborne, Dorset

Free home schooling resources

I recently finished home schooling my two children as I really wanted them to have a Christian education. By God’s grace, we completed 14 years, from early years to GCSEs. Both of our children excelled academically and they are keen Christians, now sharing Jesus with others.

During lockdown, God led me to put together a Christian homeschooling website and YouTube channel to help others. Access to the website is easiest via the YouTube channel: Christian Homeschooling 4u; every video has a link to the site. The website, with worksheets, links to resources, academic advice, videos, a guide to GCSEs and Bible teaching lessons, is:

I pray this will bless many families.

Sharon Gandy

Hastings, East Sussex

Methodist same-sex ‘marriage’ vote looms

The provisional resolutions presented in the ‘God in love unites us’ report in support of same-sex ‘marriage’ on Methodist premises will be voted on at the Methodist Conference in June.

Many of us regard this report as deeply flawed and one-sided, since it finds in favour of same-sex relationships without discussing the opposing views.

The report does not advise young people to remain celibate prior to marriage. Indeed co-habitation is affirmed in the report.

Anyone against same-sex ‘marriage’ in our churches should vote against every resolution

The report distorts orthodox biblical references to same-sex relationships by replacing them with interpretations coming from theologians who are promoters of same-sex relationships. Orthodox theologians are not quoted. Texts on homosexual intimacy in Leviticus are ignored. Jesus’ and St. Paul’s teachings are taken out of context or discounted.

The report stresses ‘love for one’s neighbour’ while omitting to mention that a Christian can love their neighbour without affirming their neighbour’s life choices.

Some provisional resolutions are worded in a way that masks that same-sex ‘marriage’ is an integral part of their meaning. Thus anyone against same-sex ‘marriage’ in our churches should vote against every resolution.

Rev Janet M. Knowles-Berry

Truro, Cornwall

Correcting the Great Reset

I usually find your articles thoughtful and stimulating, but I cannot let errors escape in the article ‘Bible prophecy is literally at the door’ (Apr/May).

Schwab did indeed borrow the term ‘transhumanism’ from Julian Huxley, who was the first Director-General of UNESCO. Huxley promoted eugenics and ‘evolution’ through technology. Julian Huxley’s grandfather was Thomas Huxley, and it was Julian’s brother, Aldous, who wrote ‘Brave New World’ in 1932.

This cautionary tale that the science of heredity and genetics could be perverted and the knowledge used by some future tyrannical government does not imply that Aldous in any way approved of this possible outcome.

Peter Williamson

Chichester, West Sussex