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Ukraine bias

Many thanks for consistently publishing some excellent Christian articles.

However, I did feel a bias towards Ukraine in the April/May paper.

I was pleased to see that you mentioned UK Column News, who have faithfully broadcast the truth about the New World Order, now called the Great Reset, for many years and also the statement from Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, albeit not until page 6.

Things do not just happen in a vacuum: the USA manipulated the coup and change of Ukrainian president in 2014, when the Minsk Agreement was made but has never been implemented.

Over the last eight years more than 10,000 Ukrainians in the Donbass region have been killed by the Ukrainian military, particularly the Nazi Azov Brigade.

NATO have deployed nearer and nearer to the Russian border, posing a potential threat.

In Ukraine, not far from the Russian border were at least 13 US-funded bio-labs. Russia, China, India, Mexico, Brazil and Gabon have all requested that the UN investigate these labs.

We are now witnessing a repetition of our dastardly behaviour in Syria when we armed terrorists. Again, alongside America, we are pouring arms into Ukraine into the hands of Nazis and continually stoking up the war which we have clearly provoked. Mr Putin realises that Russia’s sovereignty is at stake.

The hypocrisy of our government is deplorable.

Annie Gallichan, Bristol

Well-informed preacher

The preacher at New Life Church, Congleton, mentioned in his sermon recently how important it is for Christians to be well informed. It was good to hear him say how excellent HEART is!

David and Jan Green, Christian TV, Congleton, Cheshire

Bible-based church

Having attended many types of churches and their services, I ended up choosing the one with the best preaching, the best quality hymns, the best prayer time – and attending with a handful of people.

I have also studied church history, including how to construct a service.

Even a ‘Bible based’ church has 30 minutes of preaching instead of the actual Bible and four or five hymns/ songs instead of the psalms that I sing at home to modern music. People pray from the TV or radio news, instead of praying God’s Bible words.

We don’t need preachers, we need that time given to the public reading of the Gospel.

We don’t need hymns or songs, we have the Psalms and other Bible songs.

We don’t need man written prayers or free prayer, we need Bible prayers.

If we want God’s blessing we must return to using what he gave us, in every part of the service.

Paul Minter, Bexhill, East Sussex

Wrong times

I have to apologise for giving the wrong reference for the “times of the Gentiles” in my letter on the end times (April/May). It should have been Luke 21:24, not Luke 2:24.

John Zipser, Bexhill on Sea, East Sussex

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