Fishing in Ukraine

In 2007 and 2008, I spent time with a Christian charity in Ukraine, warning the Jewish people to leave the country if they could.

To demonstrate that God had not forgotten them, we used Jeremiah 16:16, which says that God will first send fishermen and then hunters to bring his people back to Israel. We had no idea just how right we were. We need to keep praying for Israel and her people.

John Harrold

Newport, Wales

Miraculous provision

I heartily concur with the article on God’s provision by Chris Wickland (June/July).

Some years ago, I was convicted that I was only giving away 6.5 per cent of my income. I determined to raise that to 10 per cent and increase yearly. I am now on target for 40 per cent.

Logically, my financial assets (pensions) should have decreased accordingly, but instead, there has been an increase! That is mathematically impossible; the only explanation is a miracle. When we give generously, God will give to us generously. It’s not ‘prosperity Gospel’ – it’s simply the Gospel!

How I wish that more believers would have the courage to take God at his word. When we give an account of how we used his resources, how many of us will wish that we had given more?

Ken Nash

Dereham, Norfolk

One world religion

During the Jubilee weekend, I asked the Lord: “Why would the Archbishop of Canterbury say that Christians come to God through the Cross of Jesus, but Muslims have their own way to God?

“Why would the Pope espouse universalism, saying that everybody is saved, even atheists?

Why would the Queen break her coronation oath by allowing the Koran to be read as an act of worship in Westminster Abbey?”

I felt him reply: “They are preparing the way for a one world religion.”

I’ve heard others warn of a one world religion, but this was the first time in 42 years as a Christian that I sensed the Lord speaking about this directly to me.

Dean McBride

London SE17

Frightened of silence?

Why are churches so frightened of silence?

Today, many churches put on a show, not a service. No hymns are included, just meaningless songs lacking reverence and awe.

When I asked some priests why the choir or band have to perform during communion, I was told it heightens the service! But does this most sacred public witness really need heightening? Perhaps some Christians have never heard the Holy Spirit speak to them because he is drowned out by all the noise.

We must ask: is our act of worship truly an act of faith or just an act? In the latter times we will be led astray by false teachers.

We need to return to the straight and narrow pathway through the narrow gate, preaching as Jesus and the disciples did. Then the churches might be filled once again.

Bill Livingstone

Gately, Manchester

What’s wrong with Wesley?

In the 40 years since I came to faith in a Bexhill house church, I have come to the opposite conclusion to Paul Minter (Letters, June/July); we do need preaching and corporate singing.

What’s wrong with the hymns, spiritual songs and carols, by the likes of the Wesley brothers, Graham Kendrick and Rev Mohr – the Austrian pastor who gave us the much loved ‘Silent night, holy night’?

A piece of coal that falls from the grate onto the hearth eventually cools down, whereas if it remained in the grate, it is kept hot by the other coals.

We need to interact as a body, not solely by reading and speaking Scripture, because Jesus “gave some to be apostles, some to be prophets, some to be evangelists, and some to be pastors and teachers, to prepare God’s people for works of service” (Ephesians 4: 11-12).

Andrew Larkin

formerly of Bexhill, East Sussex

Who closed the churches?

On 23 March 2020, just after the government ordered churches to close, then in June 2020, I heard two people separately quote Isaiah 26:20-21, where he warns the Lord’s people to hide in their rooms while the Lord punishes the earth’s inhabitants for their wickedness.

Then I heard a prophecy on Christian radio in December 2020:“The churches have put my Holy Spirit out of their lives; there’s no room for me, only for their ministries, their songs and their words.” They were not not singing to God to worship him, and, “It’s become your church, your time, not God’s any more. So as you have put me out, now I will put you out.”

Irene Kawakita

Beckenham, Kent

Sanity saver

Picking up the HEART paper during lockdown was amazing as I had become totally bewildered by the way lockdown divided people’s opinions, including among my friends.

The HEART paper helped return my sanity and renew my faith. It seemed I wasn’t crazy but in a wonderful minority. I now distribute HEART and give it to those in my community who have eyes to see what is really going on.

Clare Hinchcliffe

St Leonard’s, East Sussex

Pray for the Queen

On 2 July we found ourselves caught up in London’s ‘Gay Pride’ march while on the way to the Officers’ Club in Piccadilly, to celebrate my army officer grandson’s engagement.

As a grandma and great-grandma, I was left quite traumatised. The shock to me was the roaring of the crowd in approval.

Once home that night, still heavily burdened, the following words came to me:

I have seen a terrible thing –
the celebration of defilement
in the heart of the capital city.
Woe, woe, I will not be silent.
Watch, therefore and pray.
Pray for the innocents,
Pray long life for your Queen,
For I shall not act while she lives.
Speak to my people – warn –
For the days are short
The harvest is over.

Please weigh this message.

Judy Wood

Crewkerne, Somerset