James Petersen and wife Dani, the cause of the “best ten months of my life”James Petersen and wife Dani, the cause of the “best ten months of my life”

Full Gospel Businessmen’s dinner, 19 November, Chichester Park Hotel

James Petersen, a health insurance broker, was the guest speaker at this well-attended dinner.  Married for the past ten months to Dani from South Africa, you could see joy pouring out of this lovely couple. 

For James this joy arrived when, following a prolonged period of tormenting fear when he had to give up his job and return to his parents’ home, he fasted for breakthrough for three days, prayed for his friend who was in trouble and suddenly his room was filled with the intense presence of the Lord.  He was filled with tangible love, joy and peace and his gift of tongues poured forth.      Since then God has led him through words of knowledge for others, healings and dramatic conversions when evangelising in Brighton.  One such was a tattooed man who faced up to him outside a Brighton pub, only to give his life to the Lord shortly after, thanking James in tears “for not judging me by my tattoos and seeing me.”

“Often”, said James, “those who seem hardest to reach are the closest to God.”

From my point of view, it was another wonderful evening for the Full Gospel Businessmen, where the Holy Spirit spoke to our hearts.  Next day the organiser, Kevin Durban Jackson, was rejoicing with the rest of his committee as five people out of the 45 guests had made first-time commitments to Christ.

Carole Woodiwis

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