Nun raped at Indian medical centre

A NUN IS BELIEVED to have been gang raped by a gang of men pursuing an anti-Christian hate campaign in the city of Raipur, India.

The middle-aged woman was working at a medical centre run by Christian missionaries at the time. The rape follows another gang rape of a 71-year-old nun at a Catholic missionary school in eastern India in March.


Eating grass to fight starvation

SUFFERING PEOPLE in South Sudan are on their hands and knees eating grass to try and stave off starvation, according to a report by Aid to the Church in Need.

It said 4.6 million face food insecurity and 12 million need aid. Some 50,000 children are likely to die in 2015, according to the UN, from the awful living conditions.


Mum and daughter raped by IS in front of dad

AN ASSYRIAN CHRISTIAN mum and daughter were raped by Islamic State militants in front of the father – who then killed himself following the trauma.              The rapes were done in Mosul, Iraq, because the family could not afford to pay the Jizya poll tax for non-Muslims.


A MOB OF 10 MUSLIMS beat up an Aramean Christian Israeli soldier when he was on his way to report for duty. It is the 12th time a Christian member of the IDF (Israel Defence Force) has been attacked this year.


Chris Eyte




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