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On 10 December 2021, Independent journalist Taylor Hudak introduced a second inter-disciplinary symposium with Doctors for Covid Ethics, hosted by the UK Column news team, to explore allegations that gene-based vaccines cause blood clotting and auto immunity.

Widespread restrictive measures have been introduced, aimed at consolidating wealth and power globally and vaccine passports could be used to impose complete control over people and end human liberty.

Prof Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, Professor Emeritus of Medical Microbiology and Immunology, variously of Bonn, Giessen, Copenhagen, Freiburg and Mainz, began by saying that clinical trials used to justify gene-based vaccines have been proved fraudulent because there is no evidence that they offer protection against the viral wave of the last two years, which is no worse than usual. He compared the respective roles of antibodies and lymphocytes and explained that because there is a secondary system of immunity in the body, that vaccines cannot work in the normally expected way. It has been difficult to prove the role this vaccine is having in the community but examination of the deceased is now confirming long-held suspicions.

Prof Dr Arne Burkhardt, an experienced pathologist with the University of Hamburg, carried out autopsies on 15 people who had died following vaccination and presented comprehensive photographic evidence of widespead cell damage throughout the body. He concluded that they had all been victims of multiple organ failure and said this rarely happens in normal life – which strongly suggests that the vaccines are having a destructive effect.

Dr Carsten Stumke, an opthalmologist from Germany, described various bleedings and abnormalities in the eye which can happen perhaps once a year but four cases presented in five weeks, just days or months after vaccination, implicating the vaccine to be responsible.

Catherine Austin Fitts, investment advisor and former US government treasury official, asserted that the pandemic is nothing but a ruse for a coup d’état of world lockdown and global control by wealthy, shadowy figures.

Dr Michael Yeadon, ex-Pfizer chief scientist of Allergy and Respiratory, says our immune systems are perfectly adequate and we should stop relying on vaccines because our bodies recognise invading viruses and after recovery, confer ‘one and done’ lifetime protection. If we are unfortunate enough to go down with a virus, there are proven remedies, and most people recover. It takes eight years to produce and test a vaccine before it is considered safe for humans but this one is straight out of the laboratory!

Dr Yeadon thinks that masks, lockdowns and variants are lies and that there is a political agenda using spurious medical reasons to introduce vaccine passports. We should avoid this because it is both unnecessary and would usher in an authoritarian system to control everything that we do – and we will never get our freedom back.

Piers Robinson of Propaganda Studies said that this is not about a virus. He said: “There is a restructuring programme going on, but people are waking up to this; 20% of the population is resisting and there is a need to get organised.”

Brian Gerrish, host and lead presenter of UK Column News, explained that the propaganda is visible, such as on TV, but there is also a covert operation using deep, applied psychology to introduce behavioural change. The British government is complicit in this; its persuasion methods are revealed in a document called ‘Mindspace’.

Robert Kennedy Jr, the well-known lawyer, enlarged on his book, ‘The Real Anthony Fauci’ and said that “Nobody ever complied their way out of a totalitarian system.”

Mary Holland of Children’s Health Defence announced that the Biden administration is introducing mandatory vaccination across a wide range of spheres in the States and many private and state law suits of varying kinds were being filed in opposition. The courts in the USA are influenced by culture and such groups as Doctors for Covid Ethics and the widespread possession of guns will cause the judiciary to treat them seriously.

Renate Holzeisen, a lawyer in Italy, reported that many healthcare workers have been suspended and mandatory vaccination is being introduced among key workers. Austria and Germany have taken the lead and courts are following government propaganda which makes defence of these people difficult for lawyers and EU jurisdiction is making it worse.

Philippe Kruse, an attorney In Switzerland, reported that people are obliged to prove they are not a risk to public health and added: “Democracy is being compromised by our overbearing government”.

Doctor and lawyer Meryl Nass said that more vaccine-related deaths had been reported to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System – the UK equivalent is the MHRA’s Yellow Card system – or check out for a user-friendly version) in the past ten months than in the previous 30 years, yet the CDC and FDA had been hiding data. However, incidents of myocarditis had somehow leaked out, but she claimed that a mathematical formula (PRR) is being used to minimise results.

Dr Astrid Stuckelberger, an international health scientist who has worked in Geneva with such bodies as the WHO and the UN, said that everything about the so-called pandemic is false and contravenes scientific ethics. A virus has not been isolated so there cannot be a test to find it. The four areas of possible investigation are infection, food, chemical or nuclear and each requires experts in the field.

Dr Sucharit Bhakdi concluded with an impassioned appeal for “freedom, humanity and justice”. The evidence was now irrefutable that gene-based vaccines are highly damaging, cause self-destruction and must be withdrawn.

He challenged medical institutions who still laud the merits of the vaccine to come forward for open debate because “we can’t both be right”. The judiciary had to bring evil-doers in public office to justice, he said, while people everywhere should assert their right to live free of intimidation, coercion and fear – or a world of darkness and horror would ensue that would not be worth living in.

He reminded physicians everywhere of the Hippocratic oath – to ‘do no harm’ – and to consider patient safety and stop the vaccinations, otherwise there will be “blood on their hands until the day of judgement.”

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