by Katie Morris


Over 2,000 people and Christian leaders gathered in intercession for the United Kingdom at the Central Hall Westminster on 8 September, with many more praying in small groups around the nation – while 9,000 joined the prayer livestream – in faith that God’s will for Britain shall prevail.

Prayer leaders (from left) Dennis Greenidge, Barry Segal, David Tidy, Jeremy Child
Westminster Central Hall was packed for the latest Day of Prayer for the Nation

David Hathaway, hosting the event for the third time, said, “We are here to change this nation by the power of God through prayer. When Jesus was in the storm on Galilee, he did not begin to confess the sins of the disciples, he took charge and commanded the wind and waves to cease.

“We acknowledge the sins of this nation and can confess them all day, but God has called us into action. We are here to call upon God in powerful intercessory prayer to change the nation!”

Echoes of wartime: people queued around the huge church to pray

He recalled how 79 years ago, Britain was on the edge of defeat; she could hold out no more than two weeks, but King George VI called the nation to prayer. Queues outside the churches all over the land were in some cases miles long, a scene repeated outside Westminster’s huge Central Hall on 8 September.

One witness wrote of her heart being touched to see queues of people stretching around the building, some singing choruses while they waited patiently.

Faith and hope: people waved the Union flag symbolically while singing

Prayer was led by David Hathaway, Dennis Greenidge, Brenda Taylor, Barry Segal, David Tidy, Jonathan Oloyede, Philip Quenby, Sid Cordle  and Jeremy Child. Topics prayed about included abortion, anti-Semitism, our young people and the effects of the internet. There was repentance for historical misdeeds afflicted on each other by the four nations of the British Isles and for the Church’s failure to preach the Gospel effectively.

“Britain doesn’t need to appease the EU” – says a praying GERMAN businessman

Berthold Becker, a German businessman, intercessor and long-time friend of David Hathaway (he hired Berlin’s Olympic Stadium for a national prayer meeting), sent an email which David read out at the Day of Prayer. Introducing Berthold and his wife’s recent revelations, David said: “Two years ago in prayer, God impressed on German intercessor, Barbara Becker, wife of Berthold Becker, ‘that the spiritual fight (Brexit) taking place is truly a ‘Battle for Britain’ and just as intense and desperate as the situation over Britain had been in the war.”

These were Berthold’s key points:

• Despite having wanted Britain to stay in the EU, Berthold and other Germans felt convicted by the Holy Spirit to pray in unity for Brexit.

• Brexit is primarily of spiritual rather than economic importance: “The Lord reminded us of old prophecies about his plans to bring evangelistic end-time revival to Britain and to the continent of Europe. Obviously in this context, the Lord wants Britain to be set apart from the EU and not be under the ‘EU-Babylonian rule’.”

• The British government does not need to appease the EU, as it currently benefits from an annual 100 billion euro trade surplus (Germany alone gains 40 billion euros).

• Therefore, Britain should define what is good for her and how the EU can have a free market exchange with Britain after Brexit.

• The key to this whole situation is unity among Christians in the whole of the British Isles, beginning with the intercessors!  (2 Chronicles 7:14)

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