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Smart pills, implantable chips and the ‘Internet of Bodies’: the digital health revolution will fundamentally CHANGE what it means to be human

Science fiction or reality? Altering the human being through pharma and tech is a lot further forward than most of us realise. The good thing is, it doesn’t take God by surprise

In October 2020, Pastor Keith Malcomson felt prompted to warn Christians about the agenda behind the World Economic Forum’s ‘Great Reset’ of the global economy. His online videos quickly went viral. Here, he sounds the alarm about their goal of merging man with machine 

Imagine being permanently connected to the internet, which transmits daily Artificial Intelligence (AI) input on your mental and physical condition. You are also taking legalised medical pills called ‘nootropics’ to enhance your alertness.

This isn’t science fiction; it comes from a 2018 book by a man who is taken very seriously by governments.

The book is called ‘Shaping the Future of the Fourth Industrial Revolution: A Guide to Building a Better World’, by World Economic Forum (WEF) founder Klaus Schwab. In it, he depicts what the average person will look like in the year 2030.

One section in the book is titled, ‘Altering the human being’. Three chapters cover biotechnologies, neurotechnologies and virtual realities.

Reading this book helps us begin to see that the crisis of the past year, the present use of the new mRNA vaccination, the use of intelligent medicine, and the push to vaccinate an entire generation is part of a larger plan.

Here is an extract from chapter 12:

It’s 2030 and you’re sitting in front of a screen when a pop-up grabs your attention.

“Your concentration levels are low,” it announces.

You realise you’ve been staring blankly at the screen for the last few minutes. Stifling a yawn, you click a link to analyse the recent readouts from a system monitoring your brainwaves and assessing your real-time mental state.

It recommends you sleep, but you still have hours of work to complete. Just one more nootropic pill perhaps, to push through to 03:00?

Friends are starting to say that over-reliance on chemical enhancers is harmful, but you are constantly being monitored for signs of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. No problems yet.

Klaus Schwab
Promoting transhumanism: Klaus Schwab is founder of the World Economic Forum (Photo by Remy Steinegger, via Wikimedia Commons)

Schwab is an initiator of the ‘Great Reset’, launched in June 2020 by Prince Charles. He is also a major promoter of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) which is impacting many nations including the UK, the US and New Zealand.

For the WEF, ‘smart medicine’ is central to their vision of the post-Covid new normal, and to their worldwide goal to “Build back better.”

This new technology will alter the building blocks of life itself

In his 2016 book, ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’, Schwab defined the 4IR in the following terms: “It is characterised by a fusion of technologies that is blurring the lines between the physical, digital and biological spheres… Biotechnologies will change the future, and… challenge our understanding of what it means to be human.”

Manipulating the body

Biotechnologies are defined as “technology that alters biological systems”. This includes manipulating DNA, genome modification, designer babies and changing the human germ line. Schwab and others openly confess that this new technology will intervene in human biology and alter the very building blocks of life itself.

A vital impact of introducing this technology will be to change the entire healthcare system within each nation; ‘precision medicine’ (PM) will pass information between bodies and computers for tailor-made medical treatment. They want the Internet of Bodies (IoB) to monitor bodies constantly, collect health metrics and other personal information and transmit this data over the internet back to care teams, who will then apply digital medicine.

A June 2020 article on the WEF website describes this agenda as “collecting our physical data via devices that can be implanted, swallowed or simply worn, generating huge amounts of health-related information”.1

The article gives the example of digital pills which “contain tiny, ingestible sensors, as well as medicine. Once swallowed, the sensor is activated in the patient’s stomach and transmits data to their smartphone or other devices.”

A WEF briefing paper says: “With an unprecedented number of sensors attached to, implanted within or ingested into human bodies to monitor, analyse and even modify human bodies and behaviour, immediate actions are needed to address the ethical and legal considerations that come with the IoB.”2

The WEF repeatedly states that this new technology will be vital in fighting the coronavirus pandemic and will demand a whole new set of international legislation to govern it.

Altering the brain

Neurotechnologies may sound like science fiction, but they are not
Neurotechnologies may sound like science fiction, but they are not

“The category of ‘neurotechnologies’ describes a wide set of approaches that provide powerful insights into the workings of the human brain, allowing us to extract information, expand our senses, alter behaviours and interact with the world,” explains Schwab. “This may sound like science fiction, but it is not. Neuroscience is slowly leaving the medical and scientific labs to penetrate our daily lives.”

This new science of the brain includes the use of drugs and technology to alter the chemistry of the brain or its normal function, such as nootropic pills. The word ‘nootropic’ means to turn, bend or shape the mind. These new smart drugs are used to heighten concentration, sharpen attention and improve memory and creative ability. The great titans of Silicon Valley are already driven in their inspiration by nootropics.

“The ability to access a person’s innermost thoughts and influence his or her thinking”

Added to these mind-bending drugs is the creation of new, brain-enhancing technologies. Schwab defines them as either unobtrusive, operating outside the body, or intrusive, operating inside the brain. This technology is “the ability to access a person’s innermost thoughts and influence his or her thinking”.

The 2020s are the era when such moves towards transhumanism will be accomplished, according to Schwab: “Influencing the brain in more precise ways could change our sense of self, redefine what it means to have experiences and fundamentally alter what constitutes reality… brain science encourages a huge step for humans beyond natural evolution.”

He gives just one example of how such intrusions into privacy will be accepted: “trading privacy of brain to type on social media through thought alone”.

“We need to reconsider long-held assumptions and values like free will and the role of reason in human behaviour”

There are serious implications for individual autonomy. A 2018 WEF article stated: “It is clear by now that brain research has the potential to radically transform how humanity defines itself, for good and for bad. For example, we need to reconsider long-held assumptions and values like free will and the role of reason in human behaviour.”3

The computer brain-chip is their holy grail

The ‘BRAIN Initiative’, an ambitious project to map the entire brain in order to create a ‘Brain 2.0’ connected to computers, was publicly announced in 2013 as a joint initiative between the US and EU. Since then, seven large-scale regional brain projects have converged to form the International Brain Institute which holds annual summits with this goal in view. The computer brain-chip is their holy grail.

Virtual realities

But the greatest transformation of the 4IR, according to Schwab, will be three new forms of technology-based reality.

Virtual Reality shuts out the real physical world
Virtual Reality shuts out  the real physical world

The first is Virtual Reality, “a rich, multisensorial, three-dimensional, 360-degree computer-simulated environment… with which we can interact… A person experiences realistic images, sounds, and other sensations that replicate a known environment or create an imaginary one.”

Basically, it shuts out the real physical world, replaces it with a simulated one and tricks your brain into thinking this is reality.

The second, Augmented Reality, “enhances users’ perception of reality” by adding technical information to enhance our daily lives – such as Google glasses which allow users to search the internet.

The third is Mixed Reality, which brings virtual things right into the real world so that you experience two distinct realities at the same time – such as using a phone app to visualise a new sofa in your home before buying it.

When these three are merged they create Extended Reality: the blending of virtual and real worlds that blur the lines between realities, creating a brand new ‘reality’.

Schwab envisages that you will no longer interact with these technologies on a screen but control them internally in your own brain. In this environment all your responses would be tracked and recorded as you interact with a personal, digital avatar that would guide you through the affairs of life.

In the words of the WEF, “The future is virtual.”

On page 183, Schwab quotes from another author: “To play God, to create whole worlds, whole universes atom by atom, pixel by pixel, they dreamed of building worlds in which one can live… creative, immersive experiences of almost supernatural proportions.”

Human augmentation

These ideas cannot be written off as a conspiracy theory; they are being promoted by the British government. I want to place in your hands some solid evidence which you can check for yourself.

The MOD’s new project with the German military
Birth of the super soldier: The MOD’s new project with the German military

In the most significant change in military thought for generations, the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) launched its ‘Integrated Operating Concept (IOC) 2025’ in September 2020. The following month, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a £24.1 billion increase in defence spending over the next four years, but a reduction in the size of the British Army. This signalled a significant shift towards cyber technologies.

In May 2021 the MOD released a new document which you can download from the UK government website entitled, ‘Human Augmentation – The Dawn of a New Paradigm’. The 106-page document was compiled in partnership with the German, Swedish and Finnish defence forces. It lays out very clearly radical changes in the British military, and society in general, that will happen within the next 30 years.

It contains everything I have already stated, but in a far more explicit fashion. They say that;

“Human augmentation is the missing part of the puzzle” and “an unprecedented opportunity to change humanity… Defence cannot wait for ethics to change before exploiting human augmentation” (Ministry of Defence, May 2021)

Interestingly, Policy Horizons Canada, a federal government organisation that helps develop future-oriented programs, also released a similar document called ‘Exploring Biodigital Convergence’ in May.

Augmenting the human body comes at a moral cost
Augmenting the human body comes at a moral cost

The MOD document states: “Brain interfaces mixed with augmented and virtual reality could dramatically enhance our experiences and our ability to express ourselves. New concepts of intelligence and higher levels of creativity could emerge by connecting brains with other brains/or computers.”

A picture shows the evolution of man from a monkey, to a man with a mobile phone in his hand, and finally to a man with a brain chip connected to the internet. Another picture shows men with computer chips on the back of their hands.

Top of the list is vaccines, which will lead to genetic modification of the body and of the germline

The four key augmentation technologies presented are: genetic engineering (dubbed “omnipotent technologies”), bioinformatics, brain interfaces and pharmaceuticals. On page 41 they present a diagram depicting the timescale of where each technology will ultimately lead.

Top of the list is vaccines, which will lead to genetic modification of the body and of the germline (changes to the sperm and eggs that pass on permanent changes to the next generation). They also depict one scenario where a universal vaccine for all diseases will lead to a global acceptance of augmentation.

They acknowledge the ethical problems associated with these plans and note that in at least 40 countries these activities are presently illegal, but say that a change of law often changes morals.

“Human augmentation may challenge or offend religious views and give credence to transhumanism”

It is obvious where this is leading: “Human augmentation may challenge or offend religious views and appear to give credence to other belief systems, such as transhumanism.”

Nonetheless, they believe that this merging of brain with technology is urgent: “Defence cannot wait for ethics to change before exploiting human augmentation”.

Bible prophecy fulfilled

This is a search to become immortal by conquering death and sickness.

“In the 2030s nanobots in our brains will make us godlike”

In 2015, Google’s director of engineering, Ray Kurzweil, said: “In the 2030s nanobots in our brains will make us godlike.”

Meanwhile, Elon Musk has been working on Neuralink, and now wants to combine the human brain with technology to make us greater than computers themselves.

In this final generation, Satan is coming to offer a super-intelligence to make mankind like gods. This has gone on since the garden of Eden. Do you know what the serpent offered Eve? It was a new form of intelligence: “You will be like God” (Genesis 3:5).

 Eve looked and saw that the fruit was “desirable to make one wise”. That word “wise” means to be intelligent, expert and prosperous.

But the apostle Paul said that Eve’s mind was “corrupted”, meaning to be shrivelled and destroyed.

Do you know that the Bible accurately predicts that at the very end of the age, a joint political, economic, military and religious system will suddenly arise and gain control over the nations through the use of remarkable technology and pharmaceuticals?

The Bible predicts that a political and religious system will gain control over the nations using technology and pharmaceuticals

Body hacking
Body hacking: some people already have LED implants (Wikimedia)

In the book of Revelation, we are told that this system will institute control over men and women by coercing them, under great pressure and threat, to take a mark on their forehead and right hand, without which they will not be able to buy or sell. But it also says of this system, “by your sorcery all the nations were deceived” (Revelation 18:23).

‘Sorcery’ is the Greek word ‘pharmakeía’, which was used to describe drugs or drug-related sorcery. Here it is prophesied that this last political system will use pharmaceuticals to deceive nations and gain control by marking men with a technology that would put them beyond the point of salvation.

This is a very desperate and urgent hour. Since doing my YouTube videos on the Great Reset, I’ve received numerous emails from new Christians, many saved out of the New Age during the past year or so.

Have you repented of your sins? Have you put faith in Christ’s finished work on the Cross? Have you received the indwelling Holy Spirit through the new birth?

If so, then there is One indwelling you who is divine, all-knowing and all-powerful who will guide you and keep you until Jesus comes again.

If you are challenged by this article, you can give your life to Jesus by praying the prayer on p2; also do contact any of the churches listed on p16 or the back page.

Keith Malcomson
Keith Malcomson

See Keith Malcomson’s series of four videos, ‘The Great Reset’ on YouTube, his book ‘The Scarlet Woman’ on Bible prophecy and several hundred free sermons at Limerick City Church, where he is pastor: www.limerickcitychurch.com

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