The Coming Four Blood Moons – conference with Pastor John Hagee

London, 17-18 May

Mega-church pastor John Hagee prophesied cataclysmic events
Mega-church pastor John Hagee prophesied cataclysmic events

THE BIBLE says that in the last days, God will ‘turn the moon to blood’.  As this will happen FOUR times in the next two years, as calculated by NASA, Pastor John Hagee deemed it worth coming to London to share his insights.

As founder and senior pastor of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas, a non-denominational megachurch with more than 19,000 active members, Pastor Hagee’s coming in itself was significant as he is clearly a busy man.

The evidence for the significance of the coming four blood moons is impressive: there were four in 1948, when modern Israel was born; four again in 1967, when, in the Six Day War, Jerusalem returned to Jewish control.

The four blood moons that will happen in 2014-2015 all fall on Jewish celebrations – two on Passover and two on the autumn Feast of Tabernacles.

Pastor Hagee is not alone in declaring their significance – Bible teacher Lance Lambert also expects a major event – but Mr Hagee differs from Mr Lambert in that he is very specific about the events that will take place.

He maintains that Israel will attack Iran, a coalition led by Russia will attack Israel and be destroyed by an earthquake sent by God. This belief ties up the blood moons of Joel 2-3 with the events of Ezekiel 38-39.
Considering that God often fulfils his prophecies in unexpected ways, one has to salute the Hagee ministry for bravery in taking such a specific stance – in two years hence his interpretations will have been fully tested.

Nonetheless, his core belief that God is in control of everything and actually runs the universe, as opposed to the belief that by inventing a few scientific formulae he left the universe to run itself, is, in my opinion, a central and understated Christian doctrine.  It was Aquinas, influenced by Aristotle, who relegated God to merely the First Cause, and the view that God is actively in charge is one that we should all take on board without reservation.


Grenville Richard Harding