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Already many churches reach out into their communities to show God’s love for all in action. Now perhaps they should be braver in naming the one in whose name name they are giving up their free time, the one whose name is heard more often as a swear word in these post-Christian times.

God willing, in a pulpit near you in these coming weeks, you may hear priests and pastors urging their flocks to be bolder in their stance for the Gospel. The media have conspired to portray Christians who stand up for their right to run their homes and businesses according to traditional, biblical principles, as bigoted. Too often the work done by churches in their towns is overlooked. When so many Christians give so much to help the needy and hurting, surely they have earned the right to be heard respectfully when they speak of the God who has inspired them to feed the poor and shelter the homeless.

They should share the difference he has made in their lives, how he has changed their hearts and given them the energy and enthusiasm to make a positive difference to their world. Let us say, “It’s all because of Easter, when the Son of God died a painful and lonely death, shedding his blood to pay the price for yours and my sin. Why not open your heart now to receive him and experience his love and power operating through you to demonstrate God’s love to others?”