Last issue Graham Bridger reported  on the moves to bring in the cashless society.

Now journalist Alan Franklin warns you may soon be living in The Twilight Zone…

The end of cash was predicted by my friend Barry Smith, a prophecy teacher, in the 1980s. He understood that this would be a step towards all-electronic trading, leading to the ‘mark of the beast’, whose number is 666 (see Revelation 13:17).

Digital implants are being planned so every move we make, every item we buy, will be known to Big Brother.

The machine now being used in churches for cashless giving
The machine now being used in churches for cashless giving

Bill Gates has already discussed injecting something much smaller than a microchip into people so they could buy and sell. Speaking on US business channel CNBC, he said that this would be beneficial on continents like Africa where there is often little internet availability. Interestingly, a Microsoft patent for a “cryptocurrency system using body activity data”, ending in 060606, was published in March 2020. According to the patent, cryptocurrency could be ‘mined’ by using sensors to monitor “a brain wave or body heat” when a user “view[s] an advertisement or us[es] certain internet services”.

I already pay Bloomberg in New York annually for my Legal Entity Identifier, a code used by legal entities in financial transactions, without which I am not allowed to trade in stocks.

‘Switching off’ money?

Although the proposals for a central bank digital currency (CBDC) such as ‘Britcoin’ in the UK include nominal commitments to ensure the use of cash, they would actually give officials power to cut off your money. This happened in Canada to truck drivers protesting lockdowns and other restrictions. In the new social credit system rapidly being constructed, your money could be capped, ‘switched off ’ for any reason and even have expiry dates.

If power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, why would you want all your money digitally controlled by government officials? World Economic Forum (WEF) founder Klaus Schwab has stated on business TV that once you have no ownership, no debts and get a universal credit, you will be happy.

Our webmaster was told, “Two more strikes and you are out”

No doubt when they have abolished ownership of all private property and given everyone social credits instead, their own private jets and palatial homes will not be confiscated or ‘reset’!

Schwab’s ‘Great Reset’ initiative has even been dubbed the ‘Fourth Reich’; in fact, Schwab’s father did have Nazi connections, as managing director of Swiss engineering firm Escher Wyss, which was contracted by the Nazis.

Debanked for non-PC views

It was only thanks to Nigel Farage’s fight with Coutts and NatWest that a light was shone on the many UK citizens whose bank accounts have been closed because of their unfashionable views. In the US, the herbalist and Covid ‘vaccine’ critic Dr Joseph Mercola was ‘debanked’ together with his staff and family. I too have been prevented from opening a business account with a major bank, despite over 20 attempts (I suspect this may be due to the outspoken website which I run). My wife and I are both directors of the company that needed the account, and the website kept accepting her and refusing me.

I tried repeatedly and at one stage the bank’s helpful IT personnel made it so simple that I just had to press one button, to no avail. They sent me a document saying they would investigate this, but no reason has so far been given. I am demanding my legal right to an explanation.

Meanwhile, we have finally set up our account with another bank.

Suppressing the truth

Most of my talks over the years are now unavailable as I am apparently a dangerous person – to those who suppress the truth. I was taken off YouTube for daring to reveal the toll of Covid-vaxed people dying prematurely, using precise statistics from insurance company actuaries. Our webmaster was told, “Two more strikes and you are out.” GB News was given a similar warning. Even prominent critics like Robert F Kennedy Jr have had their Covid comments cut out of TV interviews.

Bill Gates has already discussed injecting something much smaller than a microchip into people so they could buy and sell

Journalist Alan Franklin
Journalist Alan Franklin tried 20 times to open a business account with a major bank

Have you shared government unapproved views on social media? Have you been to pro-life or pro-family events critical of the ‘correct’ narrative? Have you dared to criticise the pharmaceutical industry? If so, you may be facing a ban on accessing your money once a CBDC is introduced, when the conditions are ‘right’.

Christ came to set us free from sin and give us a more abundant life, but the backroom lockdown lovers have other ideas. The good news is that the Bible prophesied these ‘birth pangs’ leading up to the end – and Jesus has promised never to leave nor forsake us!

Alan Franklin is a journalist and runs along with his wife Pat, also a writer. For 21 years he edited local newspapers, including the Surrey and Hants Star which at one point had 250,000 regular readers. Twice voted ‘regional reporter of the year’, he also ran nationwide monthly magazines, was a freelance journalist for national news agencies and wrote a media guide for the Conservative Party.

Alan became a Christian after watching a salvation prayer on Christian TV. He jumped in his station wagon and roared off to escape, but came across a local church which said “God still answers prayer.” He did a U-turn, only to find a Baptist church with a big sign saying “Welcome sinner”, which finally got his attention.

The Bible prophesies that the world’s economies will fall “in one hour” (see Revelation 18:17-19).

Writing for the Christian Comment site, Roger Bolton notes: “With the rise of CBDC, a financial system built totally on reputation and confidence, the rise of ‘funny money’ (quantitative easing), of financial contagion, and of systems built totally within cyberspace, it is entirely feasible that financial hegemony can end in one hour flat.”

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