Roger and Sue FrenchRoger and Sue French

Roger French at Jeneses Community Arts Centre, Bognor Regis

Roger is a pastor, preacher and author and has an overseas prison ministry. He was a lecturer at Christ for the Nations UK.


It was as if Roger French had put heart and soul into his preparation for his morning conference with Westergate Revival on Saturday 22 March. The two sessions were packed with what seemed to be the sum of his teaching on the last days; both advice on how we should live and the events leading up to eternity. He was helped by the glorious, other worldly sound of soprano Jane Weeden, with Maria Griffiths and James Munro of Bognor’s Elim Church, leading us all in worship singing.

Roger explained: “Although man thinks that he can solve the problems of the world without God and many do not know the Bible or that God has a plan and timetable, nothing escapes God’s attention; he is everywhere, sovereign and has the last word in everything.”

Running through the very last days as given in Revelation 19-21, Roger said that we need to be praying for unbelievers fervently: “The lake of fire is a torment. We should be watching for the signs of the times, always putting on the armour of God (Ephesians 6:13-18), which is kept in place by prayer for one another. “

“Your servant is speaking”

Our listening to the Lord has to be intentional, planned and an act of will. So often in our case it is “Your servant is speaking, Lord.”

To listen, we need spiritual discernment and the more we enquire the better we will get at hearing him: “My sheep will know my voice.” Roger believes that most of the guidance we need for life is in his Word.

“Whatever God desires us to do, he first declares us holy”, continued Roger. “We start with positional sanctification through Jesus’ work, moving to progressive sanctification as we show more righteousness and come to eternal sanctification (Philippians 1:6) as God carries it on to completion. He is committed to that.”

The Lamb’s Wedding and Eternity

Opening his next session, “The Lamb’s Wedding and Eternity,” and the subject of his new book, Roger said that the eternal plan of God is the provision of a beautiful bride for his Son. One day we will be married and joined to the Son of God and this should make us humble.

The manner of creating a wife for Adam is, he believes, a type of the provision of a bride for Christ. All believers’ works will be judged intensely by fire; the things done at the inspiration of the Holy Spirit will come forth as gold. Then there will be the wedding of the Lamb, just before he comes back with us on white horses.

No second chance: decide in this life

Roger said that the Bible gives us information to encourage us – we have a glorious hope, sin’s reign is ended, and the end is but the beginning of an existence where Satan will have no impact. Roger went on to explain that the Day of Judgement will bring in the eternal state, and our destination depends on our acceptance or rejection of Jesus Christ. There is no second chance: you have to decide in this life.

Roger gave a description of the eternal city and eternity, drawn from scripture. The only requirement, said Roger, is to be thirsty for Jesus.


Carole Woodiwis

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