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Further evidence of Britain’s betrayal of the Jews

By Charles Gardner

LONDON, June 14, 2019

Shortly after my harrowing visit to north London marred by a fatal stabbing outside the church where I spoke, my thoughts once again return to the capital in response to news of a massive UK terror plot uncovered four years ago, but only now revealed.

It involved Iran-sponsored terror group Hezbollah, who were reportedly stockpiling more than three tons of explosives (ammonium nitrate) in north-west London, but was foiled thanks to a tip-off by Israel’s national intelligence agency Mossad.1

It is suspected that the incident was silenced in order not to interrupt the Iranian nuclear deal being negotiated at the time.

Christians United for Israel have been warning the British Government for some while, through their Operation Mordecai campaign, of the dangers both to Israel and the UK of Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

Their executive director Des Starritt, asking why the public have been kept in the dark about the plot, said: “It is unbelievable that, only months after the UK signed the Iran deal, Britain seemingly ignored this new evidence and continued to support it.”

Further asking why it took the government another three-and-a-half years to apply an outright ban on Hezbollah, he added: “It meant that it was possible for people within the UK to openly support Hezbollah without any consequence whatsoever…”2

And all this on top of a claim by a former leading official of the International Atomic Energy Agency (referred to last week) that Tehran could be as close as “six months away from an atomic bomb”.3

Quite apart from the obvious danger posed to British citizens by our evident appeasement of Iran, it also amounts to further betrayal of the Jewish people, who have most to lose from a nuclear-armed Iran that has repeatedly trumpeted its intention to wipe Israel off the map.

While pondering these thoughts on Wednesday last week, I realised it should have been the 90th birthday of Anne Frank, the brave German-born Dutch girl whose life was cut short aged 15 by the Nazi butchers, and whose poignant diaries have since helped to keep alive the reality of Jewish suffering.

It was at least two years before her death in early 1945 when news of the mass murder of European Jews had reached the UK and elsewhere, and a poll was taken indicating a clear majority (78%) of public support for the admission of Jewish refugees.

According to my friend, Pastor Mike Fryer of North Wales, “the Nazis had made it clear that should the British and American governments be willing to allow them entry, they would be released from Nazi control”.4

But at a meeting to discuss the crisis, a British delegate referred instead to a “vociferous minority” supporting Jewish immigration. And the opportunity to rescue millions of Jews had thus, shamefully, been lost.

Has anything changed? Britain today is awash with anti-Semitism. When a Jewish lady attending a Palestinian Solidarity Campaign meeting in Liverpool asked a question, someone turned around and said: “Why don’t you get back to the camps?”

She reported this ‘hate crime’ to the police, but nothing was ever done about it.

My friend Mike, a former police officer, said he had attended two Israel Advocacy events during the last two years where demonstrators chanted anti-Semitic abuse. But nothing was done at the time either to record or act upon complaints.

Mike also gave evidence to the recent enquiry into anti-Semitism within the Labour Party conducted by Baroness Chakrabarti, but again nothing was done about it.

Adding further fuel to the fires of Jew-hatred are so-called Christians who have somehow re-invented Jesus as a ‘Palestinian’ and either removed or ignored Israel from their view of the Bible – quite a task when you consider that Israel is mentioned 2,581 times in the Scriptures.

But the students of Dr Mitri Raheb, a Palestinian Arab Christian lecturer from Bethlehem who recently spoke in North Wales, are led to believe that “Israel is neither a valid scriptural nor political entity”, according to Mike.

Ring any bells? It’s also what many Western church leaders seem to believe. But as Mike points out, Dr Raheb and many like him don’t say much about the persecution in the Middle East of their fellow Arab Christians.

So who’s agenda are they following? It is instructive to recall that the Nazis worked closely with Islamists who were committed, like they were, to the destruction of the Jewish race.

It’s time to shine a light on the darkness, to come clean on our history of betrayal and once more become those who bless the seed of Abraham. (See Genesis 12.3)

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