Abortion Bill reflects spirit of death gripping the nation

By Charles Gardner

Previously published October-November 2018

We are gripped in our country today by a gruesome spirit of death perfectly illustrated by a recent attempt to further decriminalise abortion.

The wholesale murder of eight million unborn children since the passing in 1967 of David Steele’s Abortion Act has taken place in the face of little more than a whimper of protest – even from the Church.

It is the sort of death-wish reflected in the rampant rise of suicide among our young people, of drug-fuelled drivers killing pedestrians and other road users; and of the unprecedented murder rate on the streets of London where knife crime is out of control.

The draconian abortion tally represents the population of entire nations like Sweden and Israel. And yet the recent debate hardly got a mention on the national news.

We have become so accustomed to this senseless slaying that – like the proverbial frog in the pan of water gradually being heated – we fail to recognise the hell on earth we have created.

True, Diana Johnson’s Ten-Minute Rule Bill – designed to legalise abortion virtually on demand – is not likely to become law despite being carried to the next stage by 208-123 votes.

But its intention is clear, and it depicts a nation slipping further down the muddy slope towards the inevitable precipice of total destruction.

If passed, it would leave England, Wales and Northern Ireland “with one of the most extreme abortion regimes anywhere in the world”, according to social policy charity CARE (Christian Action Research and Education).1

It also defies polls showing most women oppose such liberalisation, and it is an attempt to impose a law on a devolved Northern Ireland who have the right to decide for themselves on issues like this.
Pointing out that the vote was really only advisory, CARE’s chief executive Nola Leach said: “It is still shocking to see how willing some MPs are to bypass the devolution settlement and play fast and loose with the constitution.”

She added: “It is quite clear that removing safeguards and introducing a more radical abortion regime is out of step with public opinion…CARE will always seek to protect the rights of both the woman and the unborn child and will oppose any legislation that will put either of them at risk of harm.”2

Proponents of decriminalisation are quick to cite the need to modernise ‘Victorian’ values and would no doubt agree with those who describe Saudi execution policy as ‘medieval’.

But the pot is calling the kettle black. Britain’s abortion law reflects the spirit of the Moabites and pagan tribes of the ancient world who believed that burning babies in the fire would improve the people’s fortunes, reproductive powers and crop harvests.3

The ultimate goal of this demonically-inspired culture is the destruction of humanity (see Ezekiel 20.30f).

According to Dr Clifford Hill in his new book, The Reshaping of Britain, this spirit of death was in evidence in Dublin not long ago when scenes of jubilation greeted the abortion referendum result.
“The scenes of overwhelming joy and victory were a demonstration of how far Western civilization has departed from the fundamental biblical values of absolutes – justice, truth, love – upon which it was founded. How many of these people realised the significance of what they were celebrating – the wilful murder of children: the destruction of human life, the condemnation of thousands of unborn babies to be torn from their mother’s womb and thrown into the incinerator. This is the spirit of the age.”4

The sixth commandment, written on tablets of stone by the finger of God himself on Mt Sinai 3,500 years ago, plainly states: “You shall not murder.” (Exodus 20.13)

But the Parliament where this sacred command has so recklessly been defied, and where the text “Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labour in vain” (Psalm 127.1) is inscribed in Latin on its stone floor, has managed to unravel over 1,000 years of Judaeo-Christian tradition in the space of just 50 years.

Having forsaken both God and his laws, we are now reaping the whirlwind of judgment for our great folly with the murder and mayhem we are witnessing. The death culture we condemn in others has become firmly entrenched in our own.

Forgive us, Lord! Only God can help us.

1www.care.org.uk 23rd October 2018
3The Reshaping of Britain, Dr Clifford Hill, Wilberforce Publications, p316

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