But he’s still banned from Scout Association

Brian Walker believes the Scout movement has lost its Christian heritage

A Scoutmaster ejected for criticising the Scout movement has agreed an out-of-court settlement with the organisation.

Despite 52 years of involvement with the Scouts, Brian Walker was banned after writing a letter to the Scouting magazine.

Walker had challenged the magazine for promoting Islam and LGBT events and abandoning the movement’s Christian origins. He pointed out that scouts were encouraged to visit a mosque but on St George’s Day were advised to use a non-religious venue to celebrate the day. Also, the Christian nature of Christmas and Easter was ignored but Islamic festivals were highlighted.

Walker was immediately expelled, so he appealed that decision in court, but after it was upheld he brought a legal action for discrimination against his Christian beliefs, with the support of the Christian Legal Centre. The Scout Association attempted to have Walker’s legal challenge thrown out, but after failing in that has now agreed to settle his claim. However, he remains banned from the Scouts.