Ruth Dearnley of Stop the Traffik

“A sad fact: there is now more slavery in the world in the world today than in Wilberforce’s time over 200 years”, Ruth Dearnley, CEO of Stop The Traffik, told an interested Petworth audience in November.

Trafficking is the deepest brokenness that can happen to a human being. We are all made in the image of God (Genesis 1) & trafficking breaks that rule.

Sadly, it is the fastest growing crime in the world today. It’s everywhere. It is on our doorstep – with domestic slaves, street crime, and is all about power and ownership of people. The forced labour in supply chains of manufacturing is enormous.

How do we fix it? Prevention is best, as we cannot keep rescuing those trafficked. All groups, including the police, need to work together, and STT have started a Chocolate Campaign. Thousand of young boys are used to pick cocoa and 49% are child labour. Don’t eat the trafficked chocolate, only the non-trafficked!  Toblerone & Divina Chocolates have signed up to the campaign.

There are now activists in 96 countries fighting these injustices, and they all help each other.

Ruth spoke in a warm, animated, enthusiastic way and PACT (Petworth Churches Together) was delighted to host the evening as their autumn lecture.

Gerald Gresham Cooke